NOTD - Jade Semi Precious Stone Nails

Hi there lovely readers!

I have a particular fondness for semi precious stones, not just for their magical properties of course, I always have a few lying around the place, but you can find some truly stunning rocks with beautifully intricate patterns woven within the stone which means one thing...NAIL INSPIRATION!

You've probably seen & are familiar with the Geode nail art trend that was pretty big last year, I gave it a go myself & absolutely loved it, take a peek at my step by step tutorial HERE

I wanted to go further & explore other stones for which I could attempt to recreate on my nails, I have a long list...Rose Quartz, Marble, Amethyst, Opal....but first I wanted to give Jade Stone nails a try & so that is what I have for you beauties today!


NOTD - Stained Glass Nails

Hey there lovely readers!

One of my favourite polish formulas to use are glass fleck polishes. I doubt this is the "technical" term for them, but its how I refer to them anyhoo! These are basically shimmer formulas that contain tiny shards or flakes of glitter rather than fine micro glitter particles & I have accumulated quite a few!


NOTD - Romantic Pink Lotus

Hey there lovely readers!

Okay so I'm clearly feeling all the Valentines/Galentines vibes as the majority of my mani's at the moment seem to be ending up distinctively pink/red in tone! ;)

And today's nail art look is no exception, another floral design no less as well! What can I say, I adore them. Going for a different bloom from my recent Roses, this time I've done a romantic Pink Lotus floral look & I am so happy with how these turned out! 


NOTD - Miss Etoile Teacup Inspired Nails

Hello there lovely readers!

It may come as no surprise, being the Afternoon Tea addict I am, that I have a "thing" for pretty teacups. Its become an addiction & one that's driven the mother-ship a tad bonkers whenever I bring home yet another pretty piece of crockery to add to my collection, adding chaos to her kitchen cupboard aesthetic O_o