Halloween Nails - Day Of The Dead Sugar Skulls!

Hello there lovely readers!

Time for another Halloween mani & I believe we are on number 4 now! The next prompt that came up in the Instagram nail art challenge I'm currently partaking in was Skulls. Well this gave me the perfect opportunity to create some Day Of The Dead Sugar Skulls, perfick for Halloween & a design I've been wanting to do for ages!


NOTD - Dragon Egg Nails plus Step by Step Tutorial!

Hello there lovely readers! 

Taking a wee reprieve from Halloween Nail Art for the moment (not for long though!) as I really wanted to share this mani with you! 

You may remember the stunning Chameleon Flakies I reviewed a few posts back from Beauty Big Bang? These little pots of wonderfully magical flakes transform an ordinary polish into a stunningly ethereal multichrome flakie finish. 

Each shade has a different colour shift effect, the J2443-3A flakies, when applied over a dark polish, gave a stunning purple to green colour shift, have a peek at my post HERE to see how pretty it is. Well naturally I was eager to see how the other shade I picked J2443-4A would fare so couldn't wait to give it a try & this time, keeping in with the dragon theme I decided to use it as the perfect base to create me some Dragon Egg Nails!


Halloween Nails - Blood and Bats!

Hello there lovely readers!

Here we are at Halloween Mani number 3 already! 

Every year I like to roll out a gory blood themed mani of some kind for Halloween, usually in the form of delightful drips. When this weeks theme in my nail art challenge came up as Vampire/Bats I decided to just put the two together & rustle up this Bats & Blood manicure, killing two birds (or bats in this case) with one stone....


Halloween Nails - Spooky Cemetery Scene!

Hey there lovely readers!

Time for another Halloween mani! I've never done a Cemetery/Graveyard scene design before yet always loved seeing so many interpretations, so when this theme popped up as one of the prompts in an Instagram nail art challenge, I though it high time I give it a go!
Whilst I'm not entirely happy with my freehand Cemetery design itself, I'm still absolutely in love with this mani, especially that base!