NOTD - Lady Like...

Hullo there cherubs! Having a good week I hope, fear not halfway point has been reached & the weekend is almost in our grasps huzzah! Though to be honest I don't know why I'm so excited as I'll be working this Sunday...*cue crash land splat to earth* Oh well, at least I'll get the time back double, silver linings & all that jazz ;)

Now you really cannot go wrong with a nice nude toned mani, elegantly sophisticated, looks fab & goes with everything. I'm sure it comes as no surprise when I say I love my glitters & pow wow shades, however I find myself being drawn to natural/nude tones a lot more of late & one brand that does nude well (yes I'm aware of how many times I'm saying nude...o_O) is Essie, in particularly this divine shade Lady Like...

Ain't it a pretty one? I confess Essie isn't a brand I'm hugely familiar with, often bypassing, actually for the very reason because of its many natural shades. But seeing as I'm now loving them I find myself joining the Essie love party a wee bit late!

Essie Lady Like* is a beautiful mauve toned nude polish, delicate, feminine & pretty it looks divine on, I absolutely adore it. The formula as well is fabulous, smooth application in two coats that dried nice & quick.

I would happily wear Lady Like all by its onesie but me being me I couldn't help getting a bit of the nail art on, this time adding a random swirly henna/branch like pattern using my Models Own nail art pen in silver.

I love the silver & mauve together & I can definitely see a lot more Essie polishes finding themselves into to my stash...could it be possible that I can see into the future & possess the foresight?!

Hope you liked the mani lovelies. Essie polishes are widely available on the high street but can also be found on Chemist Direct, an online retailer that has a wide range of beauty/cosmetics for bargain prices. Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - product featured was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - Cartoon Roses

Ello ello lovely readers & a happy weekend to all of you! Can you believe we are in August already?! This year really does seem to be flying by!

Today I have some fun floral nails with a twist to share with you...Cartoon Roses! This design was inspired by the superbly talented @m_a_tom who I've been following on Instagram for a wee while now & am a big fan of her fab nail art skills! I saw this design she created & immediately thought...yup...I need to have me a go of those...so here we go!

I love how it gives floral nails an interesting & completely different take with the bold colours & black polish used for the detail making it really stand out.

I started with my base which was two coats of Rimmels Lose Your Lingerie, part of Rita Ora's little collab with Rimmel. I only picked it up as there was a buy one get second half price dealio going on when I went to buy my regular face powder. However I'm so glad I got this as its the most divine pale, almost white pink. Really lovely! It does state on the bottle that its a one coat polish yet I definitely felt the need for two!

For my roses I decided to reach for a few of my Models Own Hyper Gels, as the shades are so nice & vibrant. Simply using the brush that comes with the polish I just added a splodge of blue (Blue Glint), pink (Cerise Shine), coral (Coral Glaze) & yellow (Barry M) to each nail.

Then for the detail I used a nail art brush & black polish to create the swirly petal like  design, then added on some black polka dots randomly over the rest of the nail.

To finish I again went in with the nail art brush & some green polish (Models Own Green Tea) to add a few leaves to my roses. Last step was a nice thick coat of topcoat to seal & shine.

I loved this different take on roses, hope you did too lovelies! Thank you @m_a_tom for the inspiration! Thanks as always for stopping by lovelies! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Turquoise Rhinstone Nails

Bonjour mon petit choux! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend & enjoying the weather. Mine's been pretty low key, simply spending time with the fam & enjoying the rays. Though I've given up on evening out the extremely dodgy tan I've got going on which has my limbs in completely different shades to everything else! Oh well...it amuses me. Zebra Aysh I shall be.

Feeling the turquoise vibes today with this manicure featuring a couple of those beaut Models own Hyper Gels & some pretty rhinestone goodness courtesy of Born PrettyStore... I think this may be up there with some of my favourite manis so far I am so in love with it!

How gorgeously glossy & swoon-worthy are those shades?! I wanted to go for two tones so used Models Own Turquoise Gloss & Blue Glint Hyper Gels on alternative nails & I thought they went together beautifully...

The formula of these polishes are just divine, so smooth & glossy, an absolute dream to apply. Turquoise Gloss is a stunning vibrant jade green shade & Blue Glint a beautiful sky blue! Love love love them both!

The pretty *metallic square & round rhinestones are from what is close to becoming a wee little obsession of mine, *Born Pretty Store, an online retailer of nail art supplies amongst other things. I am seriously like a little kid in a sweet store whenever I browse the site, in fact I've just done another cheeky little haul now!

I applied the stones around the cuticle, I love how they just transform the mani with their petty jewel like effect. I definitely recommend you check out Born Pretty Store, not only are the prices absolutely bargainous but they also offer free worldwide shipping. And if that wasn't awesome enough, you lovelies can also get an extra 10% off if you use my code TRUW10. Go go go!

Hope you liked the turquoise rhinestone nails my dears! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * product featured was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - Neon Splodge Manicure

Ell ello sweetpeas, hope you're all having a lovely Sunday!

Have your shades at the ready lovelies as I've got some super bright neon goodness coming your way today with this insanely bright mani which I have creatively titled “neon splodge nails”...unique huh?

This is the mani I wore for my trip to Brighton last week, I wanted something cheerful & vibrant & what better polishes to use than the fab Polish For Tans collection by Models Own which I used in my Psychedelic Floral mani not long ago & am still loving!

This collection of polishes consisting of five bright neon cremes are simply made for summer & I couldn't just pick one so decided to use ALL five shades to create this fun arty “splodge” manicure!

The design itself also could not be easier! To create this design I started off with painting all my nails white as my base & of course white helps really make those neon colours POP!

Then using one shade at a time, I added about three 'splodges' to each nail , making sure the brush is not completely loaded with too much polish otherwise you'll end up with large blobs of polish puddles everywhere ;) after using the first shade, I then went in with second & so on until I had filled up the whole nail using all five shades.

If you see any bits of white still peeping through then simply dot over those with the last shade. Finish with a nice thick coat of top coat & that's it! This is such a fun nail design, I absolutely loved the finished result & cannot wait to try it again!:D

Hope you liked the bright nails my lovelies! You can remove the shades now. Thanks for reading & catch up soon!

Lotsa love to ya!