NOTD - Colour Block Nails inspired by Bonprix Skater Dress ft Barry M!

Hey there lovely readers!

Counting down the days now till my best friends big day this Saturday & actively hitting YouTube like nobodies business in the hope of finding some eye makeup inspo! My bridesmaid dress is a gorgeous burgundy (she was good to us) so I'm thinking Autumnal cranberry vibes with a hint of gold? With plenty of eyeliner of course...

Speaking of inspo I love finding nail-spiration within the fashion world. With LFW recently passed, whilst fashion bloggers are swooning & all heart eye emoji over the beautiful prints on the runway, I tend to obsess on how ace they'd look on the nails! 

Bonprix is an online fashion site with a wide range of wears to tempt fashion lovers & they've recently teamed up with Barry M to hold a nail art contest in which the challenge is to create a manicure inspired by one of their dresses...well you know I'm ALL OVER THAT. So having a sift through the dresses on offer I decided on the stunning Colour Block Skater Dress above to create a similarly vibrant mani...

I've actually wanted to do a colour block mani for yonks so this came at the perfect time. I just loved the bright & uplifting cobalt blue & turquoise shades used in this dress & to re-create I found the perfect shades to match using Barry M Gelly paints.

To start I applied one of coat of black polish over the whole nail; I use W7 Black, one of the best black polishes ever!

I then used this nifty french manicure white polish by KIKO. It comes with a very fine brush making it a fab little product to create french manicures or nail art! I applied a thin curved lined vertically on each side of the nail.

Next for the hit of blue I used Barry M Blue Grape Gelly polish & applied down the center of the nail using a nail art brush before filling in. 

Then for that turquoise fix I used Barry M Greenberry & applied in the centre of the dark blue using a fine nail art brush finishing in a point around 3/4 of the way up the nail.

Finish it all with a slick of glossy topcoat. I hope you liked my entry for the #PartyPolished competition dolls! Time to cross all those polished fingers & toes! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Winnie the Pooh Nails!

Hey there lovely readers!

Happy weekend & hello October too! Cue inevitable overdose on all the pumpkin & Halloween things! I confess I do love this time of year with the Autumnal vibes at an all time high. Still attempting to defeat this nasty flu, I'm just thankful that I've gotten it out of the way before the besties wedding next week! I don't think she would've appreciated me hacking away in between her vows...When I'm feeling a tad down in the dumps, one of my favourite remedies is whacking something cheerful & fun on my nails to lift the spirits & these Winnie The Pooh nails did the task rather nicely! :)

Hehe what do you think? Who doesn’t have a soft spot for that adorable wee bear? Inspiration for this came via my main go to for when it comes to looking for nail-spiration these days...Pinterest! The moment I saw this it made me smile. I believe the original design was a CutePolish creation & I couldn't wait to re-create!

To start I went for some sparkly red french mani tips. I'm really loving wearing different coloured tips these days, remember the Rose Gold tips from my Vintage Afternoon Tea nails? White is SO yesterday dolls, jazz up your french mani with a rainbow of colours! :)

As usual I used hole punch reinforcements to help create a neat curved French tip. Once I had my stickers in place I applied some Nails Inc St James, a lovely red crème, before peeling away the stickers whilst polish is still wet. Any smudges can easily be rectified with a brush & some acetone to get a nice clean smile line.

You know I can't resist a bit of sparkle so I went over the red with some pretty red glitter, again using Nails Inc, this time a spot of Trafalgar Square, which I applied with a thin brush.

For my accent nail I used Barry M Yellow to freehand Pooh bear. Simply draw a roundish shape for the head, dot on a couple of ears, then using some black polish, dot on a wee button nose, eyes & eyebrows with a thin brush! My Winnie's eyebrows came out a tad thicker & more confused looking than I'd wanted but hey big bushy Cara Delevingne-esque eyebrows are like...so in right now aren’t they?

For a bit of extra detail I added some yellow dots just underneath my sparkly red french tips using a dotting tool, adding a bit of sparkly yellow glitter on top to make them stand out.

For a final bit of bling I added some golden honey yellow rhinetones to each nail, because Winnie he likes the sweet nectar, before sealing everything with my trusty CND Air Dry Topcoat. Done!

Thanks as always for reading. Hope you liked the Winnie the Pooh nails dolls!  :)

Lotsa love to ya!


BARGAIN ALERT! Luxury Polish Brand Eve Snow currently on offer in Boots!

Hello there lovely readers!

Now there is nothing I love MORE than hunting down a good bargain, especially when it involves one of my favourite things...NAIL POLISH! Well such an event occurred today & such joy it brought me I thought I'd rush home & share with you my gorgeous readers as well!

My mission wasn't shopping I promise, I was actually strolling through Boots on my lunch break to pick up toiletries when my polish radar went doolally on me...it does that on occasion. Deciding to investigate I did a quick about turn & my radar led me to a shelf of beautiful Eve Snow polishes, a luxury British brand that I've heard of but not yet had the pleasure of trying.

When I saw the price tag informing me that said polishes are currently £2.33 each, (RRP £14) I was certain my eyes were playing tricks on me so I took a few to the counter to check & the lovely assistant confirmed that they were indeed that price! *Cue giant Cheshire cat grin*

Source: Google Images
Somehow I managed to walk away with just four shades, this is something I think I may have to rectify by returning tomorrow to grab some more while they're still going for this fab price! Eve Snow polishes are not only 7 free but also contain 3 added nourishing ingredients in the form of Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin E and Argan Oil making them sound completely LUSH!

I can't wait to give these pretty shades a go & roll out some manicures. So yes I predict that my lunch break journey tomorrow will have one destination guaranteed. If you have a Boots nearby, definitely be sure to have a look & grab yourself some too! Got to spread the polish love dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Chelsea Frost ft True Brit London

Greetings lovely readers!

Things I've learnt of late? NEVER get smug thinking you've successfully avoided the flu bug that everyone & their dad has had because it is when you're in this clearly vulnerable state that it decides to ensnare you into its clutches. So yah...not feeling so smug now. Thankfully I've got the day off to attempt to defeat the bugger where much chocolate therapy (for medicinal reasons obvs) will be involved to help speed up the recovery process.

Of course another way to brighten up the day is with the help of a pretty polish, so that's precisely what shall be done! Many pair Monday's with the blues, but this doesn't have to be a negative thing at all, so I have a super pretty blue shade to share with you lovelies today in the form of Chelsea* from True Brit London.

I wasn't kidding was I? Mighty puuuurdy this blue most definitely is. Chelsea is a gorgeous jewel cobalt blue with an interesting shimmery edge thanks to the addition of finely milled pearls giving it a lush luxurious finish.

The formula of Chelsea was slightly sheerer than others I've tried from this range so two coats is definitely required with this one, three if you really want a pop of colour!

Not that this beaut of a blue needs jazzing up, but I seem to have rediscovered my love for glitter gradients again so I couldn't resist adding a touch of sparkly goodness in the form of China Glaze's Lorelai's Tiara.

Lorelai's Tiara definitely ranks up there as one of my top glitters, a gorgeous molten silver with pretty ice blue flecks dotted in there, worn alone it is truly an eye catcher! I actually lent this to a work colleague for her wedding day polish as her something borrowed AND something blue! :)

For the gradient simply dab & drag the glitter down from the cuticles till you get the desired finished effect. For a final glam touch I also added a few pretty pale blue rhinestones on top of the glitter.

Finish with your obligatory topcoat to seal the stones & glitter & you’re done! Feeling some seriously frosty vibes with this icy mani!

Thanks as always for reading dolls! Don't forget you can get 10% off True Brit London polishes which are available online using my code TRULY10. Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)