Halloween NOTD - Creepy Clowns!

Greetings lovely ones! Excuse my going all British for a moment & mentioning the odd weather that is going on of late here?! What the hoohaa? So it seems we will be enjoying a warm Halloween for the first time since records started haha! I do hope this is the case in Europe too as my buddy Ram & I will be popping down to Brussels on the Eurostar this Thursday, so excited as we've never been & if we are blessed with good weather also then that would be perfection!

Today I have some Creepy Clown Nails to share with you beauts! I don't know if this technically qualifies as a Halloween theme? What I do know is that these buggers scared the living bejesus out of me & my brother when we were kids. Its because of Ronald McDonald that we never went to McDonalds...bad times.

To start my clown faces I naturally needed a white base, here I used one coat of Models Own White Light from their Hyper Gel collection. Normally I'm a religious two coater however here I found one thick coat to be sufficient.

Next for those pouty red lips I used Bad Apple Red Delicious & a nail art brush to add the sausage like shape to the tips, before outlining the lip shape in black.

For the clowns vibrant red nose I used the gorgeous Models Own Sardonyx from their Velvet Goth collection which I j'adore simply because it sparkles!

Clearly I wanted my clowns to embody Krusty the clown with some green hair so reached for yet another Models Own Velvet Goth polish, this time Absinthe. I've worn this stunning dark green glitterbomb all by its onesie & it truly is a stunning polish! To add the hair I just used a dotting tool.

Finishing with a couple of crosses for eyes using my nail art pens & a slick of topcoat to seal. I wasn't 100% happy with the end result but hey it amused me for a wee while nonetheless! I suppose one could add some blood effects to make it even more Halloween-y but at this point I was too hungry & my stomach always wins... ;)

Thanks for reading as always dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


Halloween NOTD - Spooky Eyes!

Happy Sunday lovely ones! So today's the day the clocks have changed bringing the inevitable question that is always asked forth...Is this the GOOD one?! Well an extra hour in bed tells me YES it is hurrah! Though it almost means darker work commutes *le sigh*
If you follow me on twitter you'll know I spent yesterday at the glorious event that is the MCM London Comic Con expo :) It was my 2nd time going & was just as epic as the last, such a fun day was had, the atmosphere there is always fantastic & I'm already planning next years!

So Halloween is just around the corner now which means a few more Halloween manis can be squeezed in I think! Today I have some Spooky Eyes staring at you from my nails...Boo!

To create my spooky eyes with their evil stares I started off with a beautiful dark base of black with flecks of gold glitter courtesy of this cute dinky bottle of Arezia polish that my sister in law brought back for me from HK. Such a lovely & unique shade & the quality is fab, I'll have to request some more of this brand when she next goes!

Then for those creepy stares I used the bright yellow that is Luis Lemon from Models Own Ice Neon collection & a nail art brush. To create the eye shape just start of with drawing two straight angled lines & then apply a curved tear drop like shape underneath.

I had to go over the yellow a few times, it only occurred to me afterwards that the smarter thing would have been to do the eye shapes with white polish & THEN go over with the yellow for an even brighter finish...plonker is me.

Finally I added some thin pupils to make my eyes look suitably spooky & finished with a coat of topcoat.

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Halloween NOTD - Frankenstein Nails!

Hullo there lovely readers! Hope you're all experiencing a better weekend than moi at the moment! What started off with a delightfully shortened week & spending a fun coupla days in London with a friend ended with yours truly contracting some sort of food poisoning thus spending these past two days bed ridden & recovering...no fun! However remedies of chicken soup, Disney movies (& plenty of drugs!) should have me back up & running in no time :)

Time for another Halloween mani my dears! I love this time of year so much as it gets the fun creative juices flowing plus it also allows me to get some good usage from those particular shades that to be honest with you, I wouldn't normally reach for, which is definitely the case with today’s mani...Frankenstein Nails!

Like I said, this particular shade of green is most definitely one of those 'out of my comfort zone' shades  however come Halloween time it couldn't be more perfect! These went down particularly well with the work colleagues I was even asked to do theirs! :)

The vibrant green base that starts off these Frankenstein print nails is courtesy of *Bad Apples Green Bramley polish, most definitely a bright eye catching limey green! I applied two coats, formula was lovely to work with smooth application.

Next I used this lovely dark green crème polish from Colour Club with a nail art brush to apply a triangular shaped patch to the tips.

Me being me I couldn't resist a spot of glitter & so applied some Orly's Monster Mash over the green to jazz it up, which is from their Halloween collection a few years back so I couldn't not use it! Monster Mash is a stunningly unique mixture of green, gold & holographic bar, hex & micro glitters, insanely gorgeous!

I then used a nail art brush & some black polish to create the Frankenstein-esque stitches along each nail to complete the design.

Finish with a thick coat of topcoat of course & you're done! :) Hope you liked the Frankenstein inspired mani dolls! Thanks for reading as always!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - * products featured were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


Halloween NOTD - The Nightmare Before Christmas...

Greetings darling ones! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Finding myself fully getting into the swing of all things Halloween with another mani to share with you today! For this manicure I took inspiration from a film by one of my favourite directors Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. I absolutely love watching his dark Gothic creations & this one is a definite favourite! I also love how you can watch it at both Halloween AND Xmas...WIN.

Went for a Jack Skellington vibe obviously with the black and white pinstripes there & of course his wee face as an accent, even though the resemblance isn't exactly as strong as I'd hoped but hey ho, I'm no arteeest haha! And I couldn't resist a little blood again, tis for Halloween after all!

I started with painting all nails with two coats of NYC Pinstripe White. To add a bit of depth I applied a coat of glitter topcoat by 17 on top of the white.

I then used Models Own nail art pen in black to add 3-4 straight lines to every nail except the ring finger. On this I just used my nail art brush & some black polish to draw on Jacks grinning handsome face.

Blood drips look great on any end of the nail, here I decided to do my blood drips from the cuticles to kinda give the impression of bleeding from the skin...nice. I used a dotting tool & Nails Inc St James, a vibrant red perfect for blood to create the drips.

I couldn't help myself from adding a bit of sparkle so applied some red glitter in the form of Nails Inc Trafalgar Square to jazz up that blood :)

Finish with topcoat to really make that glitter twinkle & The Nightmare Before Christmas mani is done! Hope you liked dolls. The midi ring is from Topshop FYI. Thanks for stopping by!

Lotsa love to ya!