NOTD - Lady Gaga Paparazzi/ Mickey Mouse Inspired Nails!

Evening my dear readers! Fair thee well? Tis Friday tomorrow! Another wonderful thing about bank holidays, they make the next weekend come around super-fast :) Up to anything nice? Hoping to pay the hairdresser a visit this weekend for a little choppy chop session, as the ends are beginning to look a tad straggly i.e. DEAD.  Might ask for a few layers to be added here & there also to give it a bit of va va voomness but will definitely ask & pray to the hair gods that the stylist will listen to me when I say “JUST a trim” Tis the reason why I don’t like going for haircuts, I wish to grow & keep my hair long yet whenever I go, the hairdresser proceeds to take half of it off! Most traumatising.

Anyhoos, moving on my lovelies, with all the fab, bright nail polish shades to choose from out there (neon’s are like SO in right now didn’t ya know?) how do we feel about lovely, in your face,  blindingly bright yellow nail polish? Yay or nay? I guess it depends on the shade of yellow in particular, I mean anything down the buttercup and sunshine yellow toned route would definitely appeal to me, as long as it doesn’t have any touches of errrm…vom about it  ;) I personally love a vibrant yellow polish, its amaze how doing something as simple as putting a fluorescent bright shade on your nails can just uplift your mood :)  
Here I’ve used one of my favourite yellow shades from Rimmel, the beautifully bright Sunshine, which is  a gorguz vibrant yellow & incorporated some funky nail art, inspired by the Marvin y Quetzal yellow, Mickey Mouse-esque  unitard outfit Lady Gaga wears in her Paparazzi video :D I love it! And you know my love for all things Disney! 
                                                                                        Source - Google Images

What do you think my lovelies? I’m totally in love with this nail art design, not only am I so happy with how it turned out, but it has to be the EASIEST nail art EVER! And you can do it in any combo of fabulous colours you fancy. All you need is two polish colours of your choice, a hair bobby pin &….errr yeah that’s pretty much it! :D
Here I’ve used two coats Rimmel’s Sunshine as a base & for my little Mickey Mouse’s, just dipped the hair bobby pin in some Rimmel Deliciously Dark, a lovely deep purple, & placed one polka dot for the head, adding two more on top of the dot on either side for the ears, carrying on till you have about 3 on each nail. Finished with a slick of topcoat & you’re done. What did I tell ya? Easy peasy lemon yellow squeezy!  :D 

 Hope you liked the Gaga Paparazzi Mickey Mouse Nails! Thanks for stopping by sweetpeas!

Lotsa love to ya!