NOTD - Bubble Jewel Nails!

Evening sweethearts!  Hope you’re all having a super week, nice & short thanks to the bank holiday weekend  :D  Although that was the last bank holiday we’ll enjoy till Xmas now, as the DJ on the radio kindly informed moi on my drive in to work, almost veered off the road in to a hedge from despair. But long weekends ARE rather nice non? Speaking of weekends, very much looking forward to this one (more so than usual!) as I’ll be heading to the capital city for me birthday celebrations! Woo! My birthday is actually next week  but decided to celebrate with the mateys this weekend as my sister-in-law & I share the same birthday, as well as Dad’s birthday being a few days later, not to mention my brother’s wedding anniversary too! So will be pretty busy celebrating with the fam during that time! So yup…can't wait! :D

On to today's post lovelies, I’ve been recently having some fun with my nail art wheels which have been majorly neglected of late & decided to have a play around with a few of the pearly gems & stones, the end result being today’s mani! Bubble Jewel Nails!

The polish I opted to use was Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength in Love In Bloom which I picked up in one of my Poundland bargain makeup haul adventures! You know how I love those ;) Love In Bloom is a lovely floral-y pink with pretty shimmery glitter running through it. Such a nice shade, however it is VERY sheer.  And I mean SHEER, this here was 3 coats, I think perhaps next time I’ll try it layered over another polish? 

Once dry I just added on the different sized nail art pearls & stones all hodge podge like, using clear polish & an orange stick to position & seal them in place, finishing with a final coat of topcoat.

A bit random…like me! Haha! But I kinda liked it :D I really need to use my nail art wheels more often, love how they jazz up a simple mani & make it look more interesting :D 

Thanks for stopping by dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!