Product Love...ELF'S Shimmering Facial Whip! :D

Ello ello sweethearts! Tis almost the weekend! Can I get “woohoo!" with a "halleluiah praise the lord!" thrown in please :D I actually have the day off tomorrow but will still be popping in to work for a while to study…how’s that as dedication for ya? A tad depressing too perhaps but at least I know at work I will ACTAULLY work instead of being a complete & utter lazy bum at home, easily side tracked by the lure of online sales… Plus I need to get some bits & bobs together as I’ll be heading to the country with the bestie for a spa break on Sunday, cannot wait! A couple o’ day’s doing absolutely sod all AND getting pampered whilst doing so? Yes please! :D

Today I have a favourite product of mine to share with you, one I just adore & am so glad to have discovered, as not only is it a great quality product in my opinion, but has saved me lots of money’s (that can be spent elsewhere) as it’s so cheap! And that’s always a good thing non? I’m talking about ELF’s Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Pearl, which is a lovely liquid highlighter that adds the most gorguz glow to your skin…

I LOVE highlighters, I use them all the time in my makeup as they really are a fab way of giving your whole complexion a healthier glow to it & can be applied wherever you think you need glowing! Most notably of course along the cheek bones, bridge of nose, lips & eyes. That’s where this bad boy comes in, once I’ve done the foundation step, I go in with the Facial Whip & just dot it along the top of my cheekbones, bridge of the nose plus I also like to apply it under the brow bone going around the outer eye. 

At first I was surprised at the size of it, but blimey I’ve had this little tube for yonks & it’s still going strong, mostly probably due to its being so wonderfully pigmented, you only need to use a few dots, which then blend out nicely.
Its consistency is great, not too thin, but you do need to give the tube a bit of a shake every now & again before using as I found it does have a tendency to separate? No big issue at all really, especially when you consider the price which is a fabulous…£1.50! :D 

Before I found this gem, I was an avid fan of Benefits High Beam? I still am a huge fan of Benefit products but comparing the two prices of £18.50 for which the High Beam retails for & this here ELF’s £1.50 Facial Whip which does the exact same thing….well…I know which one I’d go for. Mumma didn’t raise no fool ;) Not to mention the nifty packaging makes it perfect for popping into the makeup bag without taking too much space! Fab! ELF Cosmetics can be purchased ONLINE.

Have you tried ELF’s Facial Whip? Any favorites from this makeup brand you’d like to share with moi? Thanks for reading as always dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Glitter Jelly Sandwich with Models Own Indian Ocean & Ibiza Mix!

Namaste my pretty ones!  If you follow moi in Twitter you’ll know that this here blogger attended her first yoga class yesterday.  Oh yesh. Going in with quite vivid scenarios in my head which involved having to be escorted out via a stretcher straight to A&E (again) it actually went really well! Hey, we even got a nap at the end of it…any activity that involves napping as a vital part gets a big huge tick in my book. Not only did I feel fab afterwards, instead of half paralysed as I expected, but I also slept like a baby! Happy days :D

I’ve seen ‘glitter jelly sandwich’ manicures pop up on many a blog & it’s been a mani that I’ve wanted to try for a while now, I just love the look of them, the combination possibilites are endless & I think you know by now my complete adoration of anything glitter! So here's my first glitter sandwich mani!

 In case you’re not sure what a ‘glitter jelly sandwich’ is exactly, it’s basically a glitter polish ‘sandwiched’ in between coats of sheer/jelly polish.  Now for this you of course need a ‘jelly’ polish, but having a close look at my collection, twas absolutely dismayed to notice a distinct lack of ‘jelly’ like polish’s! :O *This is something that clearly needs rectifying asap, but in the meantime a bit of improvisation was called for, so I reached for a sheer polish instead in the form of the beautiful Models Own Indian Ocean from the Beetlejuice collection which I’ve blogged all by its wonderful onesie HERE. The glitter of choice to be sandwiched in between Indian Ocean also happens to be from the Models Own family, the awesome funky, chunky Ibiza Mix from the Hed Kandi collection. Voila! An (almost) Glitter Jelly Sandwich! ;)

To create my glitter sandwich, I started with two coats of the Indian Ocean, and then applied one coat of Ibiza Mix on top before going back with a final coat of Indian Ocean.

Twas actually pretty happy with how it came out in the end! The sheerness of Indian Ocean worked really well & is a fab one for layering; I just adore this fairy like pretty polish. And Ibiza Mix is just a stunning glitter mix that still comes through beautifully. 

Now I need to get me some proper ‘jelly’ polish’s so I can have a play around & do more glitter sandwiches!

Have you tried glitter sandwiches? Any polish/combo recommendations? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Hello Holo! Glitter Gal Red...Nail Arted Up ;)

Hello there my beauts! Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Today I am doing what I like to do best on a Sunday…which is absolutely nothing! Tis what Sundays are for right? Resting, eating, recuperating before heading back to the gallows (err I mean work!) & of course, why not throw in some blogging of pretty nail polish…& oh my, this one is mighty puuuuuuuuurdy…

Today’s NOTD that I have to share with you lovelies features the absolutely STUNNING Glitter Gal Holographic in Red which I’m so happy to have in my polish collection & I’ve my darling Chelle to thank for sending me such a divine beauty of a polish, thank you so much sweety! <3 Just look at the awesome bottle on this baby, isn’t it just FAB?! :D

And on the nails it’s just as beautiful! I absolutely LOVE holo’s, the effect is so pretty, great if you want something different & exciting on your nails but don’t want to go down the glitter route. Glitter Gals Red is a beautiful red holo & applied like a dream in two coats. These pics were taking in artificial light which I think brings out the pretty effect more!

The next day I wanted to jazz it up a tad more, even though it’s stunning all by its onesie. So I dug out some sparkly rhinestones from my nail art wheels & my trusty bottle of Barry M Black Crackle which is still a big favourite of mine & did some quarter moons on the tips of the nails before adding a pretty jewel to each nail for some sparkle :) Finished with a coat of topcoat, mani done!

Thanks for reading sweetpeas! Are you a fan of holo’s? What ones are your favourite?

Lotsa love to ya!


OOTD - Frolicking In The Forest...

Hey hey & Happy Friday my darling readers! We made it! *cue Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air happy dance* Not a too strenuous one from me though forgive me, feeling a tad vulnerable ya might say after a week filled with women’s  waters  breaking on me, over ordering on stuffs  for work, THEN having to put all over ordered stuffs away & to top it all off ending up paying good ol’ A&E a visit after yours truly somehow managed to sprain her jaw O_o  Yeeeah…turns out one can sprain their jaw just like spraining an ankle or wrist etc. Needless to say many loved ones managed to find, amongst the obvious concern, great amusement in the fact that I managed to do this most unique of injuries, only Aysh…*proud face*

Looking out the window I think it’s safe to say we can wave goodbye to Summer non? However, on a recent little outing with a friend of mine, we stumbled across a rather delightful woodland park nearby, where we spent a glorious day exploring, picnicking, exploring some more, scoffing some rather delightful ice creams & through it all, were blessed with some pretty ace weather! Probably the last for a while as I found myself reaching for the thermals this morn *le sigh*

Anyhoos, in between all the eating & exploring, I thought I’d take advantage of the lovely weather & take some OOTD pics in the sunshine! Whilst I’m definitely no fashion blogger myself, I love looking at OOTD’s on other blogs & follow some absolute fashion goddesses who also manage to make the most of their surroundings including the great outdoors & why not?! One such lady is me darling Sarah, whom I just absolutely adore to pieces, not only does she have the most fab OOTD’s (including mind blowing photo shop skills) but she is my vintage fashion GURU & her posts ALWAYS brighten my day :D

Moving on to the outfit which was worn on this most delightful day of frolicking in the forest…

Adore this dress so much & cannot believe this is the first outing it’s had since its purchase yonks ago from the Topshop sale! The material is so soft & flowy making one feel very Nymph like, especially in current surroundings ;) I just love everything from the pastel-y colours, pretty print & perfect fit of the dress. On a normal sized person it would be a knee length dress but on mini moi it falls to just below the knee ;) I paired it with a little cropped cardi & a pair of nude kitten heel sling backs, also a Topshop sale purchase. 

Kept the hair rustic looking, down with a few waves here & there with the help of my Enrapture Jumbo Waver. Then just wacked on a pretty hairpiece that I found lurking around in my accessories (kinda obsessed with hair accessories at the mo) along with the tortoiseshell earrings :D

Hope you liked the outfit dolls! So happy to have found this delightful woodland where we shall no doubt be popping back again to use as a beautiful backdrop to pics, frolic amongst the squirrels, pose alongside logs & pinecones, all the while singing & dancing along to Florence & The Machine & Foster The People…

Thanking you for stopping by, till next time!

Lots love to ya!



Hey there my lovelies! You all having a good week? 
The work waters have actually been pretty calm this week for a change, unless, speaking of waters, you count one of the customer’s casually informing moi that HER waters had just broken… O_o Thankfully though we have a Dr’s surgery right next to us so was able to pass the patient on with, I’m not gonna lie, a huge wave of relief on my part. For a minute I thought I would have to rush out back to whack the kettle on, grab towels & start initiating deep breathing exercises. Phew!

Anyhoos moving on, recently on one of my mad dash’s through Tesco’s to grab lunch, because as usual I was too much of a lazy bum to prepare anything, my makeup radar suddenly picked up a source & started going all ape on me. Hmmm, I of course needed to investigate you understand. So after performing an about turn I headed towards the BRAND NEW makeup stand that I could see was being put up in store.  Getting closer I squealed in delight at the sight of Maybelline, Rimmel, Maxfactor & many more well-known high street makeup brands that are now available in store!  :D

But the stand that caught my eye was VIVO Cosmetics, the makeup brand that is exclusive to Tesco’s & is not just fab value but I’ve heard great things too. Upon seeing I was actually reminded of a few Vivo goodies that I already own thanks to a blogger event a while back & which I hadn’t even tried out yet! So after making a cheeky purchase (which I’ll show you in another post) the moment I got home I dug out the few things from VIVO that I have & had a little play around & swatch-y sesh!


First up is the eyeliner in Black which from the swatch comes out pretty pigmented! It also has a nifty little sponge at the end of the pencil which you can use to smudge or smoke out the liner to create a number of different looks. Of course as with ALL eye liners it must be put through the WATERLINE test & I was actually quite impressed. Whilst it didn’t last ALL day, it still applies very pigmented & has better longevity than other more expensive brands I’ve tried in the past & the fact that this liner costs a grand total of £1.50 makes it a definite winner for me!

The other products I was fortunate enough to receive were two single Pearl Eye shadows in Shades 4 Rich Chocolate & 9 Goddess plus an absolutely divine looking baked bronzer in Sun Kissed.


      L-R - Pearl Eye Shadows in Rich Chocolate &  Goddess & Baked Bronze in Sun Kissed

The pearl eye shadows are…gorguz! Seriously, so buttery soft to the touch & beautifully pigmented & I adore these two. Rich chocolate is a matte brown which would make a fab crease colour or I can imagine a subtle smokey eye & Goddess is the most stunning burnt golden shade that is just so pretty. I don’t normally go for single eye shadows but I really do like these & at £1.50 each I’m very tempted to get more!


                                                 L-R - Rich Chocolate, Goddess & Sun Kissed
The marbled baked bronzer is muchos pretty to look at, Sun Kissed is a lovely shade & looks just as pretty on the cheekbones. I used it the other day in an FOTD which I’ll share another day & I just loved the subtle bronzed glow it gives to the face without making you look like you’ve been tangoed. It applies beautifully & £5 for such a large size is an absolute steal. I think I definitely need more baked bronzers/blushers in my collection. I have my eye on the Baked blush’s now…they look divine!


I haven't tried the mascara yet but my first experience with VIVO is most definitely a good un I’ll say ; ) I found the quality of the products to be really impressive especially considering the price. So next time you’re in Tesco’s doing the weekly shop, have a little browsy, they’re definitely worth checking out. VIVO is also available online

Have you tried any VIVO cosmetics? If so what’s your favorite? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!