Go Pink Wednesday! Barry M Pink & Gold Dazzle Dust Splattered Nails!

Greetings my pretties & Happy Halloween! Anyone have any ghoulish plans for tonight? Me, well I’m tuck up in bed already & shall remain here till tomorrow if I can help it! Haha! Just passed on a few sweet treats to Dad who can handle any Trick or Treater’s who might risk coming by ours, I say risk as there WAS the year that we had the absolute delight of having our door egged by some little hellions…well my dad was having none of that & along with the neighbors proceeded to chase them down (dad with slipper in hand & all...twas quite amusing) & hand them over to their parents…surprisingly we don’t get that many down our street now…hehe!  ;)

Anyhoos lovelies, not only is it Halloween today but Wednesday too which means some more pink nails to share! Sadly this is the last Go Pink Wednesday, but I just want to thank the wonderful Andrea for starting up this campaign & including many of us bloggers to help raise Breast Cancer Awareness through the power of pink nails & I’m so happy to have been a part of it :)

For today’s pink manicure I wanted to do something different so decided to give the loose pigment splattered mani another go. I first did this type of mani quite a while back HERE using a Revlon red polish with Barry M Gold Dazzle Dust & really loved the finished effect, so couldn’t wait to try it again! 

Please excuse the henna-ed hands, it was Eid recently! This time I used of course a pink polish in the form of a limited edition Barry M that came free with a magazine & is sadly nameless! But it’s a gorg raspberry-esque cream shade, of which I applied 2 coats.

To create the splattered effect its best to do one nail at a time. After you’ve applied the 2nd coat of polish, whilst it’s still wet, pick up a little of the pigment with the tip of a spoon, I used the Barry M Gold again, & place on to the bottom part of the nail at the cuticles or wherever you want the splatter effect to be. Then just blow across the nail! 

I do recommend you do this type of mani where you won’t mind lots of pretty gold dust particles flouting around! Haha! Once all the nails are done, they will look messy but don’t fret as this will all wash off. Before finishing I wanted just a bit more sparkle so applied some pretty silver & gold hexagonal glitters from a cheap polish I picked up from Poundland, the glitters are very sparse so I had to pour it out to grab them but tis no biggie as I only wanted a few on each nail! Finished with a slick of topcoat & you’re done, once it’s completely dry then you can just run your hands under the tap to clear any lingering pigment :)

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Have you tried a splattered manicure? I’m off now to have a nosy at all the other lovely ladies pretty pink nails! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Halloween Nails Part 3 - Vampire Nails with Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire!

Evening sweetpeas! How are you all today? Had me the day off, keeping that weekend feeling going just a tad longer ;) Was actually a very productive one & saw me tackling the frightening pile of random crap that I seem to have accumulated in my room…& man…there was A LOT of random junk. Definitely felt very good afterwards, with two lovely big bags to recycle, plus found some old hauls that I’d done & conveniently forgotten about! Anyone else do that? Next stage…tackling the wardrobe…I’m breaking in to a sweat just thinking about it… O_o

Now Halloween is only round the corner, which still leaves time to squeeze in another Halloween-esque mani! I’ve definitely gotten into the spirit with two Halloween mani’s already, some spooky Jack O’ Lanterns & DrippingBlood Tips as well as an Eyeball & Screaming Ghoul Mask mani. This time I REALLY wanted to dig out a certain polish that I thought was perfectly fitting for Halloween & which I’ve been absolutely itching to try. It’s the divine looking Very Pretty Vampire by Lynderella…my first Lyn polish! Which was given to me by my sweetheart Chelle for my birthday, thank you so much hun!

Grrrr! Vampire Nails with a bite! Haha! I decided to do a bit of accent finger action with some snappy vampire fangs that I saw on the lovely Christine’s blog in her fab tutorial & totally loved so had to try! :D 

Very Pretty Vampire is a scrumptious deep red burgundy based polish filled with different sized black & red glitters as well as few burgundy hexagons & large red squares thrown in there too, such a lovely vampy polish! 

I wanted to bring out the vampy goodness of Very Pretty Vampire as much as possible so decided to use a coat of No7’s Damson Dream first, a rich deep wine burgundy shade. On to this I applied two lovely coats of Very Pretty Vampire. As the glitter is quite chunky, it does leave a bumpy finish, but this was sorted out nicely with two coats of top coat.

For the accent nail I used 2 coats of 2TrueCosmetics nail polish is shade 41 (no names! :/) a really pretty satin-y red. Once that had dried I drew on the mouth outline with my Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black which I filled in with some Barry M Black, then once that had dried drew in some (very wonky) fang teeth a’ la a vampire with a severe dental problem.

Hope you liked the mani me darlings! Thanks for reading as always. Have you lovelies done any Halloween inspired mani’s this year? Let me know!

Lotsa love to ya! 


OOTD - Pink, Pouts & Park Benches...

Hey there loves! Brrrrr cold enough for ya?! That Sun is telling LIES I tells you!  I think the time hath definitely come to dig out & dust off the ol’ puffed winter jacket that makes one resemble the Michelin Mans long lost Asian sister. But it does the job of protecting one from the elements well though ;)

Recently my lovely red headed lady friend Maria & her boy Craig popped over to my neck of the woods for a visit, which I was absolutely delighted by & definitely called for a day of adventures, showing them my hood, ensuing in a fab time filled with many a shenanigans including crazy hat shopping, pout posing, eating Spanish food tapas style, having our drinks spilt on us by the waitress (no wait…that was just me), giggling manically at bhudda statues in some VERY questionable poses  before finally heading off to the park to play around with park bench props & snap some outfit pics in the great outdoors amongst the autumn leaves….all in all a most fabulous day…

                                                                         Laurel & Hardy eat you heart out...

                              Pout like there's no tomorrow! (really need to start wearing hats...)

Whilst Maria is a pro at this whole Outfit Of The Day business, managing to look completely awesome, the same can definitely NOT be said for moi….I won’t give up the day job…

 No idea WHAT we were so riveted by but it must have been bloomin awesome...though it may have just been a tree....

                                                                    Errrmm...as I was saying...

           What I wore: Dress – River Island, Lace Blazer – Republic, Shoes – Primark

A big thank you & respect to Craig for putting up with me & snapping the lovely pics, many of which have gone in to the Outtake folder & will never see the light of day thanks to me...You deserve a medal & a huge high five dude!

Hope you’re all having an utterly awesome weekend dolls! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


Halloween Nails Part 2 - Screaming Ghouls & Creepy Eyeballs!

Hey there you lovely lot! 

Happy Friday to you & a very happy Eid to everyone who has been celebrating today. I myself celebrated in true style by going to work & then indulging in a KFC lunch…exciting non? ;) But the end has fared much better I’m happy to report with some good family & eating time with the big bro & sister in law who have come down to visit which has been lovely :D

Before continuing on with all the eating & family-ing, I wanted to take a little reprieve & share todays manicure with you. I really enjoyed creating my last Halloween manicure & it seems I’ve caught the Halloween bug as I wanted get some more frightfulness on my nails! There were two designs I really wanted to try out, Screaming Gouls (akin to that hell-a-creepy, nightmare inducing mask from the Scream movie) & Creepy Bloodshot Eyeballs after seeing Fee’s awesome Eyeball mani!

Boo! What do you think? A lady in the queue at KFC grabbed my hand & thankfully immediately explained it was because of the mani, relieving me from all initial thoughts of being mugged & attacked. Plus a little girl burst in to a fit of screaming (& I assume happy) giggles at the sight of them…but whether that was because she liked them or was laughing AT them in pity at my pretty shameful attempt…I  guess we’ll never know…

One thing  I REALLY need to do is invest in a decent white  polish as the one I own by No7 really isn’t that great, so watery in consistency I had to apply 3 coats to get opaqueness! But I’m always side tracked when shopping for nail polish by all the other pretty colours & glitters that remembering to buy a simple white just goes out the window! O_o

For my Screaming Gouls I applied 3 coats of No7 Snowflake then just used my Model Own Nail art Pen in Black to create a very spazzed looking scream mask…but personally I think the retarded-ness of the face just adds character don’t you?? ;)

For the Creepy Eyeballs I used 3 coats of No7Snowflake as a base, then applied a dot of LA Colors  Wired (blue) circling out with a bobby pin. When dry I just added a large dot of black onto the blue, then a smaller white dot on top with the Models Own Nail Art pens. To finish the Creepy Eyeballs I need me some bloodshot veins, so went in with a nail art brush dipped in Collection Big Hair (red) & drew on the veins all higgledy-piggledy around the edge. 

Thanks for reading lovelies, hope you liked my second Halloween mani! Have you got any ghoulish goings on planned this year?

Lotsa love to ya!