NOTD - Tribal Tape Manicure...

Well hello there me dears! How are ya? Maaaaaan if this old girl ain’t tired! Came back to lots of lovely overtime at work after a fab, fun filled yet, rather tiring weekend break in London, although I guess I shouldn’t complain really seeing as Xmas is just around the corner & every penny  will be counted! I shall just have to stock up in the good old Skittles to get me through the week, forget Night Nurse; these bad boys are my secret rescue remedy! They never fail me & are the perfect pick me up!  

Now I seriously debated with myself as to whether I was going to blog this manicure…my first attempt at a tape mani… as, in no uncertain terms…it was an abysmal FAIL! Haha! But heck, I liked the colours & the initial design of it, even though it didn’t EXACTLY go according to plan & well, I’ll just look at it as another step (albeit a humungous wobbly one) of my journey in the world of nail art. So without further ado, here’s my try at a tribal style tape manicure…

So yeah, so as you can see, no clean crisp lines but a serious case of ‘dragging’ tape going on there…but I SHALL NOT GIVE IN! I will have me a successful tape manicure if it’s the last thing I do! If at first you don’t succeed & all that jazz right? But even so I still rather liked it…

The base colour is two coats of the absolutely divine BYS Prima Ballerina, given to me by my darling Chelle, such a cute name & even cuter bottle! It’s a really beautiful coral-y baby pink cream that looks so lovely on the nail, I love it!

Next up was the ‘tape’ part where I applied two square pieces of tape at right angles to each other on top of the pink, going to a point towards the cuticles & then painted over a thin coat of Barry M Black. It was at this point that I removed the tape as quickly as possible hoping for nice smooth edges but nope…that didn’t happen. I’m thinking I was either not quick enough in removing the tape or maybe applied too much polish? Anyhoos, I just went along the edges with a brush & some polish to neaten it up a tad.

Finally I just added some gold dots down the centre of the design using my trusty bobby pin & Models Own 25 Carat Gold, which is definitely a super dazzling gold with pow factor, finishing with a coat of topcoat.

So yes, even though it didn’t turn out quite like I hoped, I’m still loving the design & will DEFINITELY try it again, next time hopefully with better success! Tape...I will NOT be defeated by you! 

Thanks as always for reading my beauts! Have you tried a tape mani? Any tips?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Vintage Nails...

Happy Friday my lovely readers! Woo we made it! Got anything special planned for the weekend? Looking forward to one of my favorite pastimes which is heading to the capital city this weekend for jolly times with some lovely bloggers at the first of two ChristmasBloggerMeetUp’s where hopefully lots of eating, catching up & being merry will be done, with a visit to Winter Wonderland thrown in to get us in to the festive spirit before heading out for a girls night out on the town…good times! :D

Today’s manicure that I have to share with you beauties was done using one of Eyeko’s polishes called Vintage, from their old range which, it saddens me to say is no longer available! The Eyeko brand, it would seem, had a complete re-vamp a while back, waving bye bye to the cute Anime kawaii style packaging, which I personally LOVED, welcoming a new, sleeker sophisticated look. Most of the old Eyeko products have gone along with it including the polishes, fat balms, tinted creams etc. & the brand now consists of a range of products focusing on the eyes.  I was actually quite disappointed as I do like me a bit of quirkiness, but I guess they had their reasons? 

Anyhoos, Vintage polish is a very pretty pastel mint jade green shade which I’m certain is easily dupable. The polish itself was slightly watery in consistency; it seems a few of their polishes were hit & miss, I think I would have benefited from applying three coats instead of sticking to my usual two, as I did experience a bit of streakiness. But even so…I just HEART the colour. :D

For an added ‘vintage’ touch I applied some simple yet pretty white floral nail art stickers to each nail which I picked up in Savers for just a pound. Because of the shape of my nail, parts of the flower stickers refused to stay down, but I actually quite liked the slightly 3d effect from it! 

The subtle hint of sparkle is actually from an Andrea Fulerton glitter topcoat I used (forgot to photograph sorry!) as my usual one had gone walkies! *I’m looking at you mumma bear* …It’s filled with teeny tiny fairy dust micro glitters giving the mani a slight shimmery finish, however I’m still on the bench on what I think of it. Will try it out a few more times on different shades & see how it fares.

Hope you liked the ‘Vintage’ nails lovelies! Do you miss Eyeko’s old makeup range? What do you think of Eyeko’s new look? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Simply Red...

Hey hey my beauts! How are you all doing? It’s been an eventful yet good week with many interesting goings on including heading to the east end of London with Saf in tow to go watch my cousin in a wrestling match…yup you read that right ;) It was an awesome experience that’s for sure, was super proud to see him in action & am already anticipating the next match! Think I may have found a new hobby ;) I also managed to grab some TGI’s, sneaky shopping time (the result of which is a brand new bag! Squeee!) & a much need catch up session with my gorguz pal Sriya whom I hadn’t seen in yonks, which was super lovely :) The last Twilight installment was also watched this week & as much as I tell myself that I only went for my friend who is a hard-core fan (& the cinema food obvs)…I did really enjoy it! ;) 

Now as much as I love…& I mean LOVE my glitters, holo’s, duo-chromes & all round sparkles when it comes to nails, sometimes I do like to keep it simple & when I do there’s nothing I love more than a simple red nail. You can’t go wrong really with it & there’s just that little something special & sophisticated about red nails. This divine red polish I have to share with you today is my current favourite & is from the brand 2TrueCosmetics…

What do you think? FYI my lovelies…red polish? Is a blooming hard shade to photograph! But I did my best to try & capture as well as I could! 2True Cosmetics are a brand that has always caught my eye when passing through Superdrugs, with its wide range of makeup all reasonably priced at just £1.99. I’ve already blogged about the Colour Drench Lip gloss from this range which I absolutely loved so was eager to try the polishes & this didn’t disappoint!

This is shade no 41 (no names! Waaaa!) & is one of those beautiful satin-y like polishes with a shimmery silk like finish, so pretty! Application was brilliant as well in two smooth coats which dried in quick time.  For just £1.99 I am seriously impressed with the quality…I can even forgive the fact that it has no name ;)  I snapped a pic on my phone in the evening which really shows the pretty shimmery finish of the polish much better!

I love it! I’ve two other polishes that I picked up as well as it was 3 for £5 which I can’t wait to try. 2True Cosmetics are available to buy from Superdrug’s for £1.99.

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you tried anything from the 2True Cosmetics range? 

Lotsa love to ya!


OOTD - Aztec Print - The Playsuit That Tricked Me...

Bonjour mes beaux amis & happy weekend! I’ve told myself that next year I WILL be more productive in many different ways, one being learning a new language. Which one exactly is yet to be decided, at the moment French seems to be winning…the fact that my work colleague is French & will be on hand to assist & available for me to do her head in with my god-awful pronunciation factors quite a large amount...will be interesting ;)

You’re probably wondering about the strange title of this outfit post (or not if you’re totally used to my strangeness by now) but when purchasing this divinely Aztec-y printed piece of clothing that goes by the title of a playsuit I’m told from the River Island sale a while back I didn’t realise it was a playsuit at all…I thought it was a dress.

 The moment my eyes made contact with the beautiful print I made a beeline straight for it & nabbed the pretty to take home with me, which I did happily & darn excited I was to try on my new dress. I only began to suspect that something was amiss when trying it on I couldn’t seem to get the darned thing past my knees…*baffled face*...what is this nonsense? Was I suddenly getting payback from all those KFC’s that had been consumed? After a fun filled few minutes of tugging, stumbling, falling ass over tit on the floor in the process did I notice the extra hole on the side, which at first I just thought was a very big pocket that it finally dawned on me…why you’re not a dress at all are you?!? *coughs* So yes, the moral of the story is that I’m an eejit. That is all. But more importantly, what do you think of the PLAYSUIT??

Like I said, it was the beautiful print that caught my eye, so eye catchingly bright & colourful & I love the Aztec look of it. Definitely a welcome bold addition to my wardrobe, which now looking at closer seems decidedly lacking in funkily bright prints…something that needs rectifying asap. The statement belt with the stunning gold buckle & tassel came with it & completes the playsuit nicely.

As its now the chilly milly season, I just threw on my pair of studded thigh high flat boots which were purchased in the New Look Xmas sales which ALSO have tassels on them…I clearly have a thing for tassels…& do a good job of keeping my legs warms & toasty :D

Hope you liked the playsuit outfit dolls! That’s playsuit...not dress O_o ...Oh & did I mention how darn comfy it is too? It is! I want more playsuits now, high five for the playsuit! Thanks as always for stopping by, hope you all have a fab day!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Take Me To Funky Gold Town...

Hey there lovelies! How’s tricks? Hope you’re all well!

You could say that today’s NOTD is a tad Bond inspired perhaps. I was dragged along to watch the new Bond movie Skyfall recently, some kicking & screaming MAY have been involved because I’ll be honest with ya dolls, I’m NOT the biggest Bond fan...*dives for cover*…I was far more excited about the nachos that would be consumed. But I actually really enjoyed it, plenty of fast paced action, great acting with a few twists here & there definitely made for a good movie experience.  Afterwards I thought about the few previous Bond films I AM familiar with & one that kept coming to mind was Goldfinger…which then of course inspired me to have a sift through all my suitably gold-y polish’s to create a “Goldfinger” golden mani!

My golden polish’s of choice for this mani included No7’s Sultry Sands, Models Own’s Disco Heaven & Jordana’s Funky Gold Town. 

No7’s Sultry Sands is a beautiful pale gold shade with a pretty macroglitter shimmer running through it & is from their limited edition a while back. I found this a tad fiddlier to apply than the other No7 polish’s, maybe the formula is slightly different but managed to get a nice opaqueness in 2 coats.

I wanted a bit more sparkle to my mani, so on top of Sultry Sands applied a coat of my fav gold glitter, Disco Heaven from Models Own Hed Kandi collection. I heart this glitter so much, very unique with the little bits of blue glitter dotted here & there amongst the gold :D

Finally for a big hit of gold, I went for a whole gold accent finger using Jordan’s Funky Gold Town which is packed with lots of large gold hexagonal glitters in a clear base. This is an almost identical dupe for the fab Milani Jewel Gold FX which I’ve blogged about before. The effect it gives when applied over the whole nail is dazzling, I applied about 2 thick coats & just moved the glitters across the nail whilst still wet & would probably have added a 3rd coat...if I wasn’t so lazy & impatient ;)

Now I’m off to get my Shirley Bassey on with my Goldfinger mani ;) Hope you liked! Thanks for reading sweets!

Lotsa love to ya!