Care Package Love from Christine & Chelle!

Greetings dolls! Can you believe we've reached the end of January already?! Where did the month go? Next thing we'll know Christmas will be just around the corner again ;)

Speaking of Xmas I was a bit of a spoilt little blogger of late after receiving the sweetest care packages from my gorgeous blogger friends Christine & Chelle. I seriously heart my blogger beauts so much & I feel very fortunate to know such fab ladies!

The lovely Christine who blogs over at Makeup, Beauty and Fashion kindly sent me these fabulous goodies which I cannot wait to try!

Included in her package were a cute leopard print Revlon makeup bag, some gorgeous looking polishes & duo lip glosses, Korres Japanese Rose bath products & Body butter which look LUSH, a cute vanilla lip gloss, a lovely nude NYX lippie in Summer Love & an EOS lip balm which I have heard SO many fab things about & have wanted to try for ages! Thank you so much Christine! *huuuugs*

Next my wonderful & mighty cheeky friend Chelle sent me not one but two packages! Such a total sweetheart, you do spoil me so! ;) Not only do Chelle & I share a passion for pretty nail polish but we also like our sweet foodstuffs...A LOT... ;D

Before I get on to the makeup...oh god all that sweet goodness! In her first super generous package, Chelle threw in some Aussie Wagon Wheels (nom!), a HUGE Dairy Milk bar bigger than the size of my head which actually has...wait for it...jelly beans AND popping candy in it *dies* and also...TIM TAMS! Seriously, have you ever tried these beauties? They are so nomnom good & my new addiction for which I blame Chelle entirely ;p

Some beautiful makeup goodies in the form of Carmex Moisture Plus which I love, a pretty looking Illuminator by Face Of Australia which kinda brings a similar looking NARS product to mind? And two stunning Essence glitters in Galactic Black & Time For Romance, they look GORG!

In the second package Chelle sent me...more TIM TAMS! Haha! I think I may have a problem...

Included with the chocolatey goodness, some lovely looking Bloom makeup, an Aussie brand I've never tried so looking forward to that! Chelle also kindly included some of the fabulous PawPaw ointment, such great stuff, it can be used on the hands, nails, lips etc. one of those great multi purpose products, LOVE!

And as if that wasn't enough already, my lovely friend threw in some nails decals & this absolute STUNNER of a glitter topcoat by Australis. It is actually AMAZING, I Instagram-ed a pic of it on the other day (yup! I joined the IPhone crew recently! aysh_xox) & the sparkle is just incredible! Definite blog post coming soon...

Thank you so so much Christine & Chelle! Muchos big squishes to both you lovelies for your kindness & making my day with your wonderfully generous care packages!

Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Red Sparkle with PIXI Number 20...

Ello ello loves! Hows your week going? Just got in from my first stint at the gym...& I'm still standing yo! *high five!* It was definitely interesting for sure, I mean think I was the only one there munching on a cheeseburger whilst on the treadmill...is that not normal gym protocol then? O_o But in my defense it was the quickest thing I could grab before heading there! My gym buddy definitely found it kinda amusing anyhoos ;) *note to self – pack cereal bars*

Throwing some sparkle action your way today dolls! I love my sparkle in case ya didn't know...I also love red...combine the two & I'm in polish heaven! There's just something super special about red glitter polish, I just loooooove it & unleashing my inner Dorothy, not just at Xmas either ;) Today's sparkly red beauty is from PIXI & sadly has no name *le sigh* the brand preferring to go down the number route, this little un being Number 20...

*droooooools* Now that's what I call me a pretty red sparkle! PIXI Number 20 is a super gorgeous dense red glitter suspended in a pinkish red jelly base. I was pleasantly surprised at how beautifully deep & opaque it was after two coats, so vampy!

Application was a doddle & it dried super quickly, though due to the glitter it does feel slightly gritty to the touch. So I applied two coats of topcoat on top for a nice smooth, glossy finish. :) This little pretty can definitely be added to the 'favorite red glitters' list...oh yup, there's a list... ;)

PIXI polish's retail for £8.00 and are available online & in stores. Thanks for reading sweetpeas! Have you tried PIXI nail polishes?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Stragazer 307 (aka Orly Space Cadet Dupe!)

Evening sweetpeas! Have you all had a lovely weekend? Just finished watching The Princess Bride which I was happy to find on the telly this Sunday afternoon, hands down one of my favourite films EVER! With its mixture of comedy, drama, fantasy & romance it definitely makes a delightful movie experience :D

Today's NOTD that I have for you lovelies is bought to you by the delightful Stargazer, a brand I've not had much experience with, probably due to it mostly being available online. However when I went to the Britain & Irelands Next Top Model Show last year with my buddy Saf, we stumbled across a Stargazer stall with a whole pick & mix of polishes, the moment I saw it I just wanted to dive right in to them...but I held myself in check, being in public in all, but of course I couldn't resist picking up a few to take home. This little beauty is one of them...

Isn't it a beaut?! Just look at the pretty colour shifts in it, & for this here duochrome lover...polish heaven! But there is just one thing about Stargazer polishes that cannot help but put a frown on my forehead...no names! WAAAAH! Sadly this stunner of a polish only has a number, 307. Hopefully something Stargazer will rectify? *hopeful face*

Other than that little glitch however, I love everything else about the polish so all is forgiven! I absolutely ADORE duochromes & this just delivers fabulously! A mixture of greens, purples, golds its one of those lovely “oil on water effect” look polishes & that's just what comes to mind when lookin at it!

Application was great, achieving opacity in two coats which dried quickly & even applying a topcoat on didn't spoil the pretty colour shift. I don't own it but 307 is said to be a pretty spot on dupe to Orly's Space Cadet? Happy days! And a definite plus is that Stargazer polishes are much cheaper. Even though they are only available online, these babies retail for a fab £2.50! I have two others two try out still but at such a fab price & lovely quality I'm definitely feeling a cheeky online haul at some point ;)


Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Have you tried Stargazer polishes? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


FOTD & Review with No7's BB Cream :)

Hey there lovelies! Happy weekend & more importantly...helloooo pay day! *happy dance* :D However, I can't say I care much for my chosen way of celebrating such an occasion, even though I may have popped to Westfields today for a spot of shopping & eating therapy (went quite successfully, might do a haul post!), I have also decided to do that dreaded thing I said I would NEVER do...join a gym. Yup, my matey & I now are proud owners of a 12 month membership...bwaha...ha...sobs. But its actually not about losing weight & more just getting in to shape! I mean asking me to give up my sweet food stuffs & treats is like asking me to give up...nail polish! Never going to happen. I'm a strong believer that you should never deny yourself, just everything in moderation ;) But lets just say I've gotten pretty tired of feeling the need to pass out & have CPR performed on me after just a simple walk in to town, which has been the case of late! So operation get fit is officially in effect...

Moving on dolls, when the whole BB Cream craze finally happened over here in the UK after their huge popularity in Asia I definitely found myself jumping on to that bandwagon. A BB Cream, in case you're not sure stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm & is a fab cosmetic product which does the job of serum, primer, moisturiser, foundation & skin protector all in one, giving a nice natural finish & healthy glow, just my kind of product ;)

There are now many BB Creams available on the market with a lot of cosmetics companies wanting a piece of the action, the first BB Cream I tried being the Garnier one, which I absolutely loved. I was eager to try another so decided to pick up No7's BB Cream offering...

They have a few in their range, catering for different skin types, I decided to go for the one suited for Dry/Very Skin as especially after these frosty cold winter months my skin definitely craves moisture!


One of the definite plus points of the BB Cream is the added protective power of SPF15 & 5* UVA technology, got to look out & protect that skin!


The No7 BB Cream gives Light to Medium coverage which is perfect for me, when doing my everyday make up for work I like to go for something that's light & quick to apply without feeling like its caked on! The texture appears quite thick yet it blends into the skin beautifully, which I do simply using my fingers, sometimes buffing in with a kabuki brush. 

Here's a quick FOTD I did using the No7 BB cream, a brush of bronzer on the cheeks & bronze eyes using the lovely Metallic Nudes 17 Palette & Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner.


I like to alternate between this & my Benefit You Rebel Tinted Moisturiser, another favourite of mine. I do love the finish of the No7 BB Cream, & apply it in the morning, finding it lasts well throughout the whole day, giving my skin just that right amount of light coverage that I like. The fact that I only need to do the one step & not fret about primers & such is definitely appealing too, however I do like to still apply a small amount of moisturiser as my skin does get quite dry.

So I guess you can say I'm definitely a member of the BB gang! No7's BB Cream is available online & in Boots for £12.95. Once this finishes I'm eager to try another, would love any recommendations dolls! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Bluebells & Snowflakes!

Ello ello beautiful creatures! Hope you're all having a good week so far my lovelies!

I thought that the manicure I have for you today was rather fitting in with the current state of weather conditions so figured twas the perfect time to share with you pretties...Bluebells & Snowflakes!

Before I get on to the complete flakie gorgeousness that is that topcoat, I started off with two coats of Nails Inc Bluebell as my base colour, which was one out of a collection of three polish freebies from InStyle magazine a while back. Don't cha just love those? ;) I've already blogged the stunning Power Pink, another one of the three polishes, which I just fell in love with so was excited to see how Bluebell would fare!


Bluebell is a lovely, cool blue toned lilac/violet crème pastel which, as is usual with most of my Nails Inc polishes, applied beautifully, I was worried it would be thick & gloopy, but didn't find that to be the case at all! This here is two coats.

Once Bluebell was nicely dry, I then applied on top this wonderfully dazzling topcoat courtesy of Models Own which goes by the name of Snowflake & is packed with these stunning holographic glitter shards in a clear base, so puuuuuurdy!

I absolutely LOVE flakie polishes, just that little bit different from your ordinary glitter but still achieving a stunning effect! Snowflake is from Models Own Wonderland collection & this was two coats applied. I found that due to the shape of the shards & my nail beds, one or two stray bits did stick out a tad, but this was easily sorted out by a coat or two of topcoat, giving a nice smooth finish :) 


Snowflake is definitely up there with my favourite topcoats at the moment, I can just imagine it goes pretty much perfectly with everything! Models Own polishes retail for £5 and are available in Boots & online. Hope you liked the NOTD dolls!

Thanks as always for reading! Do you own Models Own Snowflake?

Lotsa love to ya!


Blogger Meetup Fun Times! :D

Good evening me lovelies! Hope you're all keeping cool...or warm, whatever the weather may be where you are ;)

Now I've always felt that for me, one of the best things about blogging, has to be without a doubt the wonderful blogging community. It really is so amazing to be able interact with fellow makeup/polish/fashion/beauty obsessed lovelies who share the same passions as you! Even better is getting the chance to meet my fellow beauty lovers & just spend the day chatting away about our favorite things in life as well as squeezing in a hefty amount of nomnom eating! Last month (I know, shamefully late with this post!) I had the pleasure of attending 3 wonderful blogging events organized by some fab ladies where we got the opportunity to do just that :D

The first meetup was organized by the lovely Maria aka Miss Drifted Snow White & was held at The FollyBar near Monument station in London, where we spent an absolutely delightful afternoon chatting away about blogging stuff as well as sampling some of the AMAZING grub there, I will definitely be visiting this place again just for the fantastic food! Afterwards we all decided to head on out in to town & visit Harrods which, at that time, had the most beautiful Disney Princess window displays where each Disney princess had a stunning gown designed by famous designers! My fav were definitely Jasmine & Sleeping Beauty ;) All in all an absolutely fab day! :D

                                                                                         JO, ME & JULIE


                                                                            SLEEPING BEAUTY WINDOW DISPLAY

                                                                         PRINCESS JASMINE WINDOW DISPLAY
The next blogger meetup was organized by my beautiful buddies Saf & Julie & was held at the Crown & Sceptre Pub in Kensington Olympia, such a lovely venue with its warm welcoming décor complete with a burning fireplace! Definitely appreciated by yours truly who was an incubus of viral plague that day, coughing & sneezing away! I'm so glad though that I made it down as we all had the loveliest time, eating, nattering, eating some more whilst also being treated to one on one talks by the ladies from Slendertone, who have just released a new face toning product that looks very intriguing & which we were each lucky enough to take away with us, as well as the loveliest goody bag filled with pretty products to play around with! Thank you sweeties!

                                                                                      GRACE & ME

                                                                                              MOI & SAF
The last blogger event I had the pleasure of attending was the #bbloggersxmasevent organised by fab ladies Victoria & Lola & was held at the Reebok Bar in Canary Wharf. A bunch of us met up beforehand to fill up our bellies at All Bar One before making our way to the venue which itself was lovely & had the most amazing views out on to an outdoor ice rink! Thus proceeded a delightful afternoon of meeting & chatting with fellow bloggers as well as PR's who where representing a few brands & offering hand massages, manicures & hair styling. It was all so relaxed & fun & we were kept sustained throughout the day by yummy cake pop treats & crisps. At the end of the event we were all given an extremely generous goody bag to take away with us filled with some super lovely products which are all screaming to be tried out! Thank you lovelies! :D

                                                      GRACE, ME & AYSHE (AKA TALL AYSHE! HEHE!)

                                                                               GRACE, ME & FEI

I wanted to say a big, huge GINORMOUS thank you to ALL the lovely ladies who organized such fantastic fun blogger events, I can imagine its no easy feat at all with all the work involved but it was definitely appreciated greatly. I had an absolute ball at each one & I really hope to have the pleasure of attending more in the future!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you ever been to a bloggers event/meet up? Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Monsters Inc Inspired 'Sulley' Polka Dot Nails!

Hey there my beauties, hope you're all having a lovely weekend. So did you lovelies get any snow where you are? We certainly did, not enough mind you to allow us the day off from work...sad times, but enough to partake in some delightful snowball fights & snow angel making whilst we should have been working...fun times. Oh & I also discovered that dive bombing in to snow isn't the soft pillow like sensation I initially & stupidly thought but actually quite painful...huh, what do ya know?! *rubs bruised backside*

I was overjoyed to hear that one of my favorite Disney Pixar movies, Monsters Inc. was being re-released in cinemas this week in 3D, how awesome! I absolutely love the movie & think the 3D cinema experience would be incredible so I really do hope I get the chance to go see it! So using the lovely Sulley's pretty fur coat colours of turquoise & purple as inspiration here's a Monsters Inc themed manicure! Hope you like!

For the base colour I used Models Own Top Turquoise, a lovely turquoise blue crème of which I applied two coats...

Once that had dried I reached for my trusty hair bobby pin & a purple Accesorize polish which sadly has no name poor thing & placed random sized polka dots, both large & small on each nail a' la James P Sullivan!


Finishing off with a coat of topcoat & mani finished, simples! I do love polka dots, such a great quick way to jazz up the nails. Hmm...I wonder what my old pal Sulley would think if these...we kinda go way back... ;) 


Thanks for stopping by dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!