What I Wore..."Roses" OOTD feat Topshop & New Henryka Amber Rose Ring

Greetings lovely readers! Hope you're all having a fab week so far! Find myself in a very Braveheart frame of mind right now & am only just stopping myself short from belting out a cry of freedooooooom from the rooftops! But with no more work till next Thursday & Portugal to look forward to this Friday can ya blame me? Woohoo!

A little outfit post for ya today dolls with a bit of a rose theme featuring my current favorite dress as well as some beautiful hand bling. Of all the pretty prints out there, one of my favorites is definitely roses. There's just something so delightfully feminine & vintage about them that I just adore, who doesn't love a bit of Cath Kidston? I'd been hunting for a rose print dress for yonks & finally found “the one” in Topshop...for a fiver no less!

I do heart Topshop dresses, having found some right beauts in the past including this one. As mentioned, this little pretty cost me a bargainous five squids & happily fulfils all my rose print needs. I paired it with a light white cardi picked up from a New Look Xmas sale yonks ago & which...what do ya know? Also has pretty white roses & some pearl beading around the collar :) A weave belt for a bit o' cinching & a pair of shiny red Mary Janes from Dorothy Perkins completed the outfit.

Well almost complete that should be as no outfit is complete without some bling...enter at this point my pretty new rose ring...what do you think?

Isn't it beautiful? This absolutely stunning piece of jewellery is actually cut from amber stone & was made by Henryka, an online jewelers who specialize in amber & silver jewellery. I've always been intrigued by the beautiful amber stone, created from fossilized tree resin or “The Gold of the North” as it is also known by. The stone was highly valued by the Greeks as it was not only said to bring luck but was also believed to have magical properties & was used to fend off asthma, rheumatism & other diseases. As well as the more commonly known cognac colour, Amber also comes in different tones including Cherry, Yellow, Green & Milky White.

I was very kindly offered the chance to review one of their pretty pieces & this gorgeous Milky Amber &Silver Rose Ring* caught my eye with its beautiful, intricate & unique design. Each piece of jewellery from Henryka is hand-crafted, with no two pieces being the same which I love!

It came packaged in a pretty blue box with lovely silver detailing & the ring itself is a beautifully cut rose carved out from milky amber, surrounded with a sliver of silver around the edge. The ring is also adjustable, perfect from my nimble fingers & goes with with my rose dress perfectly! :D

I'm absolutely in love & have worn it pretty much constantly, its so unique & eye catching in its appearance & exactly the sort of jewellery I like to go for. Henryka jewellery is available to purchase online & they have some truly beautiful & unique collections which would make such a lovely gift or perhaps even a little treat for yourself so definitely worth checking out. My eyes have already been caught by this very gothic-esque Green Amber & Silver Frame Ring....love!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Got to go & do that uber fun task of packing now. I'm honestly the most god awful packer, always finding myself including extremely random rubbish & forgetting the obvious essentials...I'm probably the only person in existence who's visited Tenerife & forgot to pack sun cream...the result of which was me coming back looking like a shrivelled tomato & my own parents not even recognizing me at the airport...god help me. Take care & catch up with you all again next week!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - *products were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - Accessorize Speckled Effect Polish in Damselfly!

Ello ello cutie pies! Made it through Monday, woohoo! And its that ever beautiful day of the month tomorrow...Payday! For which I am extremely thankful for & may have to break out into 'Carlton-esque' dance in celebration as not only do I have the upcoming holiday but there are a few of those extremely boring, un-fun yet necessary things to do such as paying bills & what not...*le sigh* I hate being a grown up...

On to today's post lovelies, it seems that the current trend to recently enter the nail polish world is speckled polishes! The first ones I saw were of course the pretty pastel Illamasqua offerings that have just been released for a limited time & give the loveliest effect of speckled mini eggs on your nails! However I have to admit that the price tag of £14.50 does make one cringe a tad...However when visiting Superdrugs recently, my eyes were drawn to the Accessorize stand as I noticed that they have also jumped on the speckled bandwagon with a pretty collection of speckled polishes & at £3.45 with a 3 for 2 offer going on I of course couldn't resist snapping up a few! 

This little pretty is one of the three I chose & goes by the name of Damselfly which I just love & seems to be the particular theme of this collection of polishes from Accessorize.

Damselfly is a beautiful light blue crème polish filled with lots of dark blue & gold glitters giving the polish its speckled effect. This here is two coats applied, the quality of Accessorize polishes is lovely if not a tad fiddly with the small brush, no biggie though as I love the finish!

Deffo recommend a coat of topcoat to smoothen the surface & of course add a bit o' shine! I love the added golden glitters in there which catch the light very prettily, giving a delightful sparkle to the polish. The other speckled polishes in the collection look just as puuuurdy, I can't wait to try them out!

Accessorize polishes are available to purchase from Superdrug in store as well as online, where they are currently on offer at 3for2! Thanks for reading dolls! Have you tried speckled effect polishes?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Lollypop Lilac Sparkle Gradient

Hello there lovely readers! Hope you're all having a good weekend. For once I'm not wailing in despair at the thought of the upcoming working week as it will be delightfully short, tomorrow I thankfully have a day off & then on Friday I'll be heading off to Portugal for a few days with my fam & friend where hopefully we will find some Sun! Looking forward to a little break & I've never been the Algarve before so definitely excited!

I've got a bit of sparkle arkle action coming your way this Sunday with today's NOTD dolls, here I've done a glitter gradient using a lovely metallic polish from Ulta3 & a gorgeous Claire's glitter...

Oooooh shiny!! This was even more sparkly in real life, I couldn't stop gazing at that glitter! To start off with I applied two coats of this lovely pale purple metallic polish, Ulta3's Lollypop Lilac which was given to me by my lovely pal Chelle. The great thing about metallics I find is they apply very well & dry in super quick time & this little pretty was no exception!

Now on to that STUNNING glitter which I stumbled across in Claire's & was drawn to like a magpie. I actually went in there to buy some earring backs & instead found some gorgeous glitterbombs that I simply had to take home with me. This little stunner is definitely my favourite with its unique mixture of gold, pink & pale green hexagonal glitters giving it an almost rose gold jewel look, I LOOOOOVES IT! I couldn't resist covering an entire nail with a few coats as an accent, then adding a gradient effect on the rest.

As usual, finish with a coat or two of topcoat to smoothen out the glitter & fini! I think I'll definitely be popping back to Claire's & see if I can hunt me down some more pretty glitterbombs like this beauty!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!


La Bamba! Benefit's Bella Bamba Blusher Review & FOTD...

Good morning my lovelies! Most unusually found myself up at the crack of dawn with the birdies this morning, how unnatural. Waking up before ten at least on a Saturday is sacrilege in my book so may have to counter this with a good ol' nap sesh laters, god bless nap times ;)

I have a bit of a bad habit where I tend to wear the absolute bejesus out of a particular favorite make-up product of the moment, thus proceeding to forget & neglect all the other little pretties tucked away in my make-up drawer, bad Aysh! This is something I definitely plan on changing as there are many other goodies in there that need some lovin! Through all this however, I often re-discover some beautiful products that I absolutely loved & still do, one such product being the gorgeous Bella Bamba Blush from Benefit :)

I do adore Benefit make-up, even though they ARE on the slightly more expensive end of high street make-up, they really have some lovely products not to mention the gorgeous packaging! A few firm favorites of mine from their range are the YouRebel Tinted Moisturiser, Eye Bright Pencil & Cha Cha Tint, & I think I can definitely add Bella Bamba to the ever growing list too!


Bella Bamba (RRP £23.50) is a mighty puuurdy watermelon pink blush with the prettiest shimmering gold undertone. It comes in the cutesy, though perhaps not exactly travel friendly, box packaging with a flip lid that even has a little mirror inside! As with the other Benefit blushers, this also comes with a brush but I've never really found them easy to use opting to just use my own, however this one seems a lot more rounder & softer too. 


Bella Bamba also has a delightfully pleasant scent to it & is beautifully pigmented, so I like to start off with a light dusting on the apples of the cheeks, which can always be built up on for a stronger colour. I was slightly worried at the golden sparkle in there being a tad too much, but once on the cheeks it gives a really nice shimmer & would look fab on all skin tones! Here's a little smokey golden eye FOTD where I've used it on thy cheeks...

Such a pretty pink it is, I shall definitely be rotating my blushers more regularly & getting a lot more usage out of this baby! Other products used in the FOTD were No7BB Cream, all of the eyeshadow shades in the 2nd row of my VIVO Unprotected Palette, Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner & No7Fanomenal Mascara

Bella Bamba retails for £23.50 & is available to purchase from Benefit counters & online. Have you tried Bella Bamba? What's your favorite Benefit Blush?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Pikachu Inspired Nails!

Ello ello my beauts! Fare thee well?
If you follow me on Twitter (Aysh_tmb) & Instagram (aysh_xox) you'll know that I took the plunge today, visited the hairdressers, got my hur did & am now officially a member of the redhead gang! Woo! Yup, after much deliberation & palpitations I decided to go down the red route & had a few strips of hair rouged up nicely as well as an all over colour & even though I was cacking my pants the whole time, am super happy with the results! Will hopefully get to share in an FOTD soon but I still have a few old posts that I need to blog (nothing new there) so you may see my hair chopping & changing quite frequently!

A spot of random yet fun nail art with today's manicure for you dolls! I can't say I'm a huge Pokemon fan, though I say that but I remember a time long ago, made up of many days of darkness where I refused to venture out of my cave *cough*room! due to the complete & utter addictiveness that was the Pokemon Nintendo DS game...aaaah good times. And not just that but who doesn't love that cute little bugger Pikachu?! Seriously...that is one ADORABLE little animated guy & I thought hey, I'd quite like to put him on my nails...so I did :)

Haha! What do you think? I saw lots of random Pikachi nail designs on Pinterest & this one caught my eye plus looked the most straightforward! And it really was! To create Pikachu nails all you need is a yellow, black & red polish plus black & white nail art pens or brushes for the little details.

For my yellow base I used Kleancolors Neon Yellow which a friend of mine bought back from the states. Now is that a POW yellow or what?! I absolutely love the colour, unfortunately though the formula was a bit of a pain to work with, extremely thick & gloopy making the first coat look a streaky mess. Thankfully though it sorted itself out by the second coat.

Once the yellow was dry I went in with my red polish, I used WetnWild's Red Red, & with the brush placed a round(ish!) blob on the thumb & pinkie & then did the same with the black polish, Barry M Black, on the index & ring fingers.

After those had dried I then grabbed my Models Own Nail Art pens & using the white, added a smaller dot in the black for Pikachu's eyes & then used the black to do his little nose & mouth on the middle finger. Finish off with a slick of topcoat to seal & you're done! :D

Pika! Pika!...ahem! Sorry lost myself for a moment there. Hope you liked the Pikachu inspired nails my lovelies! Again...seriously...how CUTE is he?! FYI...I am fully aware that he is a fictitious character drawn by some random person & is sadly NOT real...in case you were getting concerned ;)

Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Bad Apple Cosmetics 'Arkansas'

Hello my lovelies! Find myself in a sickeningly good mood for a Monday as even though the day was gruelling, I can now take a chill pill & relax for the next couple of days for I'll be free from work due to having some time off owed to me, huzzah! And I plan to use it most wisely & do absolutely nothing! Haha! God knows I'm looking forward to the me time but then there is that slight dread of the inevitable chaos that may (will) be waiting for me upon return...meh! But I won't let myself think about that! ;)

You may remember a few posts back I mentioned the lovely new range of polishes & nails wraps from a certain Bad Apple Cosmetics? In that post I showed you one of the polishes from their limited edition 3D range, Russet & today I have swatches of another pretty from the collection to share with you, this little un goes by the name, Arkansas...

Oooh I do like! Like the rest of the special '3D range' based on 70's cars this is a duochrome polish. Arkansas is a lovely turquoise blue shade which has a subtle but pretty purple colour shift running through it when viewed in different lights 


This here was two coats, application was lovely with a nice formula & good brush & dried quickly to a nice opaque finish. I wanted a bit more glossiness so applied a coat of No7 Stay Perfect Topcoat which I have just re-discovered again, I love it!


Loving the blue to purple shift in this one even though it was an bloomin arse to capture! *le sigh!* All Bad Apple polishes are 3 FREE which is great & are available to purchase online for £9.95 & FYI my beautiful readers, I noticed on Twitter this morning that Bad Apple have a special promo going for today only where you can get 50% off using the code BAD1234. High five for half price!

Thanks as always for reading dolls! Have you tried Bad Apple Cosmetics?

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - product featured was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


A Soap & Glory Explosion!

Hey there sweetlings, hope you're all having a top weekend so far! Today was delightfully spent in town with the bestie where the unthinkable happened & I actually opted for a salad for lunch *baffled face* ...what the hell is this nonsense?! One of my random weird moments clearly. But it WAS Nando's so the presence of olives, feta & extra hot chicken made the, what I still think of as rabbit food, ever so slightly bearable...but I still think I'll go back to the beloved chips next time ;)

Now if there is one range of products that I simply cannot get enough of, its Soap & Glory. I absolutely adore everything about them, from the adorably cute & eye catching 50's pin up style packaging to the interesting wide range of products to choose from that all smell AMAZING.

Lately I've been having a lot of fun & falling in love with lots of their products from this fab Soap & Glory hamper I grabbed in an online steal a couple of years back....err yeah...you read that right. Idiot that I am I waited online to purchase after Xmas which is when these sets went on sale, only to leave the blasted thing under my bed to be totally forgotten! *blushes* But I rectified that quickly & have been playing around with the goodies within...

First we have the Pulp Friction Foamy Fruit Body Scrub (RRP £8) I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to scrubs but hopefully under the tutelage of the scrub goddess that is Annabella I'm hoping to change that :) Pulp Friction is a thick white clay like consistency scrub which isn't too harsh which I like. Containing a scrumptious mixture of fig powder, pumice, peppermint oil, orange waterjuice, & vitaminballs A,C & E it smells absolutely amazing, exfoliates really well & was a delight to use in the shower. I've even been using this as a hand scrub & it leaves my hands super baby soft!

I love bubble baths so was looking forward to using Calm One Calm All (RRP £5.50) but I had a bit of retarded moment with this...you see how it says 'body lotion' on the bottle there? For some unknown reason those were the only words that registered in my mind so thinking this to be a body lotion proceeded to lather my whole body in it...& instead of moisturised skin I was a big bubbly soapy mess O_o *cough* Anyhoos only after washing it all off did I read the darn bottle properly & realize that it was in fact bubble bath...& a very lovely one too! Just a few capfuls creates lots of lovely scented bubbles to bathe in & leaves skin feeling smooth & smelling lush for yonks after. Lovely stuff.

The Clean On Me Shower Gel (RRP £5.50) contains natural mandarin peel extract & also has a built in body lotion like the bubble bath (that's 'built in' Aysh) which I love as it leaves the skin feeling lovely & moisturised after using. This lathers up beautifully in the shower with the loofah & the lovely scent lingers on the skin for ages. I've actually used this as a bubble bath too after using up the Calm One Calm All & it works a treat!

I've been using the Face Soap & Clarity 3in1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Face Wash (RRP £7) almost everyday & absolutely love it! I'm not normally keen on face washes that have bits in it, but I'll make the exception for this one with its little pink pearls. Containing a special Superfruit Plum Skin Brightening complex it has the most refreshing zingy scent & feels very cleansing when washing with in the morning. All you need is a small amount for it to foam up nicely & its left my skin feeling refreshed & radiant. Its also pretty great at removing makeup too!

Aaaah the infamous Hand Food (RRP £5) already a firm favourite of mine & a hand bag staple. I've blogged about my love for this cream before & that love is still going strong! Containing shea butter, macadamia oil & marshmallow this lush cream leaves hands beautifully moisturised & smelling good enough to eat! Heel Genius (RRP £5.50) is a really lovely & deeply nourishing foot cream that is a thick blue gel like consistency. I've loved using this after a bath in the evenings before bed, lathering it in & then whacking a pair of socks on. Containing allantoin, glycerin, macadamia oil, menthol, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers its left me with soft, smooth & super happy tootsies! ;)

On to the final few products in the set, first we have the Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths (RRP £4.50) which are delightfully scented & pleasant to use to remove makeup however I did find I needed the added aid of makeup remover to remove all traces plus they also dry out quite quickly. The Mist You Madly Body Fragrance (RRP £6.50) is now one of my firm favorites, the scent is absolutely gorgeous featuring notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk & the scent lasts ALL DAY. And last but by no means least is the absolutely FAB The Righteous Butter (RRP £10.50) which is Soap & Glory's award winning body butter & after trying myself can definitely see why. With softening shea butter & aloe vera, this super thick, luscious cream has been an absolute treat to use after hopping out the bath, it glides on to the skin & sinks in without leaving you feeling all greased up as can be the case with a lot of thick moisturizers. And of course as is the case with all Soap & Glory products, it leaves you smelling incredible! Love, love LOVE!

Phew! That was a bit of a long un non? I really do have a strong love for Soap & Glory & through the gift set have found some firm favourites that I shall definitely be repurchasing which is one of the great things about their sets as its a fab way to try different products from the range. The Soap & Glory range is available to purchase from Boots & Harvey Nichols.

Thanks for reading dolls! Have you tried Soap & Glory? Do you have a favorite product?

Lotsa love to ya!