Holiday Haulin! New Shoes, Polishes & Urban Decay...

Ola my beauts!

Whilst on holiday in Portugal some cheeky hauling was inevitably done & I managed to pick up some pretty bits & bobs including what could be my new official FAVOURITE pair of shoes as well as some purdy polishes of course, which is what I have to share with you today :)

Oh yup! Finally after much lusting after & wish-listing I finally have me an Urban Decay Palette! Huzzah! The UD Naked 2 palette caught my eye in the in-flight magazine en route to Portugal but I held back telling myself to have a ponder over purchasing...but there it still was on the return flight...calling to me...so I answered & caved big time but so glad I did & cannot wait to start using this lovely palette!
Being the big tea drinker I am I also picked up this beautiful terracotta flower teacup & saucer simply because its just so pretty & tea always tastes so much better when drunk from a pretty cup ;) Now...the polishes...

Whenever visiting another country I love hunting out pharmacies/stores & browsing through foreign brands that aren't available here & Portugal didn't disappoint! Not only did I find a Sephora which resulted in me squealing at such a high pitch I'm surprised all the glass within a mile radius didn't crack, but I also found me some Essence & Catrice in the local pharmacies.

In case you're wondering about the odd look of the Essence & Catrice polishes, unfortunately disaster struck & in all my excitement, I dropped my bag & one of the Catrice polishes, a beautiful bright blue cracked, thus spilling blue everywhere including my hands! And if you've ever had the pleasure of dealing with a polish spill you'll know what an absolute ARSE it is! But instead of crying over spilt polish, though my heart may have broke a tad at the lost Catrice (RIP), I picked up a bottle of polish remover, getting very odd looks at my currently smurf like hands & proceeded to clear up the mess. Disaster averted. Thank god it wasn't a red polish...that really would have freaked out the locals... O_o

Looking at my polish purchases it seems my choices veered towards a certain theme of blue & metallics, not sure why that is! The two Essences I picked up were 125 Absolutely Blue, a yummy baby blue crème & 122 Chic Reloaded which is a gorgeous looking dark grey duochrome metallic.

I limited myself to just two polishes from Sephora, 69 Midnight Crawl, a beautiful metallic with lilac, silver & green elements & 70 It's Time To Rock, an awesome looking blue-grey sparkle.

Last we have the surviving Catrice polish in Karl Says Tres Chic which is a matte nude pink & two random supermarket polishes, a pretty deep dark blue by Douglas Cosmetics & MYLABEL which is a stunning mixture of teal, blue & purple that I cannot wait to try!
Finally, I left my favourite purchase of the holiday till last...my new shoes!

I am seriously in complete & utter love with these little beauties, so much so that I actually haven't worn them yet, content to just simply gaze at their loveliness. How awesome is the print on them? Vintage Vogue magazine covers...dies.

I found these fab pumps in a random boutique & clutched them like the mad gal I am all the way to the till. Cannot wait to pair these with many an outfit, which I'm sure I WILL at some point...after a bit more gazing is done.

And that's my holiday haul! Thanks for reading as always lovelies! 

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Easter Speckled Egg Nails :)

Greetings sweethearts & Happy Easter weekend! Its had a pleasant start with a pedi pamper session in the morning with the matey, just what we needed after the craziness of last week! We then popped along to the cinema to watch The Croods which was really a lovely movie! We had intended to see Jack The Giant Slayer but timings got mixed up & whatnot but this was a delightful alternative, definitely go see if you haven't. I was also super excited to see the trailer for the upcoming Monsters Inc prequel, god help me I will NEVER tire of these movies no matter how old I get & you can be sure I'll be booking tickets. Its also made me want to recreate my Sulley inspired Monsters Inc Manicure again! ;D

Things have been so crazy lately that I didn't really get a chance to do a proper Easter inspired manicure like I did last year with my most random Hot Cross Bun Easter Nails *sad face* However I wanted to do something to get in to the Easter spirit so decided to do a quick speckled effect dotted manicure using a pastel polish & some matte topcoat, the finished effect bringing little mini eggs to mind...that's Easter-y right? ;)

For my pastel shade I used 17 Woo Me which is a lovely pale lilac crème. This was two coats applied to achieve a nice opacity.

Once my base was dry I just grabbed my dotting tool & Models Own Cherry Pie & placed random dots all over the nail for my speckles.

Next I applied a coat of Revlon Mattifying topcoat to create the smooth matte effect. This is actually the first time I've used a matte topcoat despite having picked this up yonks ago, I honestly didn't think I would like it being a big lover of super shiny glossy finishes but I actually do!

I still felt there was something missing so I just added some final white dots using a random white polish on top of the mani to finish. Please excuse the annoying dragging going on there again...darn my impatience! ;)

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have you done some Easter inspired nails?! Would love to see!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Pink Wednesday with KIKO & MUA Fur Effects Fuzzy Fluff!

Hello there my lovelies! How's your week faring so far? Just one more day to go then helloooooo four day blissful break filled with lots of stuffing of ones face & relaxing...just boootiful.

As its Wednesday I have a suitably pink themed manicure for you today dolls, can't let 'the plastics' down now can we? ;) It features a divine polish from KIKO that I absolutely love & I've also dug out the MUA Fur Effects to play with again as I really loved the Boo Boo Fluff Manicure!

This beautiful pink KIKO polish is one of my current favorites, finding myself reaching for it quite a few times recently which is most unusual for me! The shade is rather oddly called number 277 Blueberry Glitter but to me its definitely more or a raspberry with its fuchsia pink loveliness!

277 is a lovely vibrant pink glass fleck shade, I absolutely love these type of polishes, the glass flecks within giving the polish such a pretty, almost foil like shimmer. The consistency is quite sheer so I went for 3 thin coats which applied really nicely.

I decided to reach for the MUA Fur Effects again after having some accent finger fun with Boo Boo Fluff, this time continuing on with the pink theme with Fuzzy Fluff :D

I went for two accent nails this time, covering the whole of the ring finger & doing a quarter moon on the thumb. I wasn't sure if the quarter moon would work but twas really happy with how it came out! Just simply coat the part of the nail you want fur-ing up, then dip in to the pot o' fluff whilst still wet & pat down till smooth.

As a finishing touch I decided to just plonk on some golden dots on each nail using my trusty hair bobby pin & Models Own 25 Carat Gold before sealing with topcoat, except for the furry nails of course :)

Thanks for reading sweets! Hope you liked the Pink Wednesday nails!

Lotsa love to ya!


FOTD & Bling with Ed Hardy & GlitterGoth

Evening sweetpeas! Back to work as usual today, le sigh...but hey ho tis only a four day this week & the next! Huzzah! We do love Easter muchly...chocolate induced comas, here I come...

Today I have some pretty bling to share with you lovely readers as well as a little FOTD using this fab looking Ed Hardy make-up palette that I was given by a matey last year for my birthday...

Ooooh how lovely jubbly is that packaging?! I wasn't even aware that Ed Hardy DID make-up but apparently so & mighty pretty it is too, especially when you open up the palette to discover not only make-up but a fab fold out mirror with lights too! 


Haha! Very showbiz! I do love the added quirky feature :) In the palette there are 6 eye shadows, of which are a nice colour selection, the shades 1 & 6, blue & black being matte whilst the others are shimmery. There are also 6 lip colours, a light bronzer, eye/cheek/lip brushes & two solid Ed Hardy perfumes which come in cute beautifully designed dinky pots :)

For this make-up look I used shade 2, 3 & 4 in the row for a quick pale gold & blue smokey eye...

I was impressed with the quality & pigmentation of the shadows, which applied nicely with little fallout. I used shade 4, a pale gold shimmer over the entire lid, then applied shade 2, a turquoise blue shimmer into the outer V & crease, smoking it out slightly before adding shade 3, a pearly white into the inner corners for highlight. To finish I just lined upper & lower lashlines with MAC Fluidline Blacktrack, winging it out at the corner before adding a few coats of mascara.

The bronzer is a tad too light for my skin tone, its actually more coral-y on me, so I mixed it with my trusty Barry M Natural Dazzle to bronze the cheeks & dabbed on a bit of shade 2 lip colour on the lips :) Overall I'm loving this funky little palette & will definitely dig it out to play with again!

Now on to the bling part of the post featuring one of my favourite necklaces & which you can just notice in the above photo. I absolutely LOVE Gothic jewellery, especially interestingly unique, stand out pieces & this beautiful Alchemy Gothic Rococulus Necklace embodies all that & more with its prettyness...

*sigh* I just adore it! My parents kindly got this for me last year for my birthday after my leaving 'not so subtle' hints all over the place after discovering the Glitter Goth website through the lovely Aoife & which features lots of beautiful Gothic jewellery & accessories. This particular beauty caught my eye first, the Rococulus Necklace features such stunning & intricate baroque silver detailing, wrapping around a gorgeous black stone & hangs on a silk black ribbon with a chain & clasp tie back.

This stunner gets a lot of loving from moi that's for sure & I already have a dangerously growing wish list of lustables from the Glitter Goth site that I'm a wanting, eeeep! ;) Thanks as always for reading dolls. Are you a fan of Alchemy/Gothic jewellery?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - What's New Pussycat? Kitty & Paw Print Nails...

Good day to ya my lovelies! Hope you're all having a super lovely lazy Sunday or 'official duvet day' as I usually like it to go by ;) Those who know me well are aware of the fact that as well as makeup, food & nail stuffs, another thing I absolutely love are cute kittehs! They are for surely my favorite animal & I mean who doesn't adore those little balls of fluff?! I have my own little munchkin whom I adore to bits & is slowly becoming a little regular on Instagram (aysh_xox) I figured it was inevitable that I'd eventually attempt a kitty inspired manicure so that's what I have for you today lovelies! Pussycats & Pawprints Nails...

What do you think? Please excuse the annoying dragging going on there on the ring finger, I was too eager with my topcoat! Gah! At first I wasn't sure how to go about putting cats on my nails, but then I remembered one of my fav cat print dresses (of course I'd own a cat print dress ;p) covered with lots of sitting kitty's so decided to give those ago & was actually pretty happy with how they came out! :D

I started off with my base colour which in this case was two coats of No7's Coconut Ice, a lovely pearly pinky white shade that I love. Once that had completely dried I got to putting on those kittys & paws!

The black I've used here is my good ol' Barry M Black, which is such a lovely & glossy great quality black polish. Using the brush I freehanded the body on the bottom half/tips of the nails by doing two C like shapes facing each other, then simply filling them in. Still using the brush I blobbed on a large dot for the head, then to finish off grabbed my Models Own nail art pen to draw on the ears & tail...done! :)

The paws were so quick & easy to do, using a hair bobby pin dipped in the Barry M Black, I just dotted on 3 big dots in a pyramid like shape then just dotted on 4 smaller dots around it to create my kitty paws, simples!

Finishing it all off with a thick coat of topcoat to seal, but I was obviously too eager & vigorous with mine hence the annoying dragging! *kitty growl* I clearly need to be more patient ;)

Hope you liked the kitty themed manicure dolls! Thanks as always for stopping by :)

Lotsa love to ya!


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NOTD - Cheery Pinkness with PIXI No13 Summer Pink!

Helloooooo sweetpeas! Hope you're all having a tip top week? Will be glad to see the end of it though as this unwelcome flu has made it a right joy that's for sure & just when you think you've defeated it, the bugger sneakily creeps its way right back in & hits you again just for kicks. Though I must confess it has been somewhat entertaining sounding like Marlon Brando a'la The Godfather this week...I shall miss it.

One thing I love to do when feeling down in the dumps & which I'm sure comes as no surprise, is of course whack on a big pow wow bang bang of a polish on the nails to help brighten things up a tad. It never fails! And this little beauty I have to share with you today ticks all the right boxes & does just that, the mighty puuuuurdy PIXI No13 Summer Pink...

Oooh my hows that for a yummy pink? Isn't it just gorg? I look at this & immediately think of the two B's in pink world...Barbie & Bubblegum! Such girly goodness, I love it! :D

Though you can't really tell from the pics, at first glance No13 Summer Pink actual looks like an intense neon pink in the bottle which kind of scared the bejesus out of me so I'd been holding off wearing it, however I was pleasantly surprised when applying that whilst still lovely & bright, its much more of a divine creamy hot pink.

Application was absolutely dreamy in two coats to achieve opacity which applied really well with its lovely crème formula & dried to a nice smooth & glossy finish, I actually cannot fault this polish! I absolutely love it & it did just the job of brightening up a dreary week ;) PIXI polishes are available to purchase in stores & online for £8.

Do you like to dig out the brighter shades for a spot of cheer too? Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Green Nails for St Paddy's Day with Sinful Colors Last Chance & Glitter!

Ello ello lovely readers! Hope you all had a nice weekend! Blogging from the bed today as I still find myself a tad lurgy-fied with this darn flu despite spending most of the weekend hibernating & knocking back the Calpol. It does like to linger around the bugger but hopefully one more day of rest should sort it right out ;)

This weekend was also good ol' St Patricks Day so a happy belated St Paddy's day to all who celebrated! Even though I was too ill/doped up to do a manicure in honour of the occasion, I felt I just had to put some form of green nails on the blog so here's my suitably wearing of the green manicure, just a wee bit late! ;)

God I do love me a good green polish & I am in LOOOOVE with this absolutely lush dark beauty! This divine polish courtesy of Sinful Colors, goes by the name of Last Chance & is the most gorgeous deep dark forest green. I received this beauty in a makeup swap & am finding myself developing a strong love for this brand.

Here I’ve applied two coats of Last Chance to get a nice opacity & depth of colour...did I mention how much I just love this colour?! *sighs* Even though I would have happily have worn this polish all by its onesie, I wanted to add a bit more green action & what better way than a bit o' sparkle arkle!

Seriously dolls how awesome is this bar glitter?! I actually picked up this random polish in a car booty of all places for a most fabulous price of £1 & I'm already waiting in anticipation for the car boot sales to start up again so that I can go & do more polish hunting!

I honestly didn't think I would like this polish very much what with it just being green bar glitters suspended in a clear base but once I applied it on top of the Sinful Colors & saw how vibrant & interestingly different those green glitters were...I HEART! I applied two coats & the glitters distributed quite nicely & was very easy to work with, definitely a most ace car boot find ;)

Of course not forgetting to finish it all off with a coat of top coat to seal & shine! Hope you liked the green St Paddy's day nails! Did you go green this weekend?

Lotsa love to ya!