Mesmerised! MesmerEyez Saphhire Blue Contact Lenses Review

Ello ello lovely ones. Hope you are all well & having a fab start to the week.

It may have come to your notice in the few FOTD's & make-up looks I've done in the past that my eye colour has a cheeky habit of changing every now & again? No sadly tis not a magical gift (but oh if it where!), but you could say I am a fan & wearer of contact lenses! I love how just the simple step of changing the eye colour can drastically change your entire make up look, really making the eyes stand out & I usually like to focus mainly on the eyes when doing my make up. They are the windows to the soul after all ;)

I normally get my lenses as daily disposables from the brand Freshlook at my local opticians in a Pure Hazel shade which are nice, natural looking & go well with my skin tone. However when I was kindly offered the chance to try out some MesmerEyez contacts lenses, a brand which is fast taking the cosmetics industry by storm I of course was very intrigued & jumped at the chance!

MesmerEyez contacts are available in an impressive range of shades & come in either daily, monthly or 3 monthly lenses. I was sent the colour Sapphire Blue 3 monthly lenses to try out which was kind of perfect as I'd been wanting to try out blue eyes for ages!

As well as the lenses, there is also a lenses storing case & a bottle of multi-purpose solution included which is used to keep your lenses in as well as for cleaning care etc.

At first I was weary about using 3 monthly lenses as I've normally gone for daily disposables in the past. This is mostly due to the fact that even though I like to wear them, I actually suffer from very dry eyes, so its always been better & more convenient to simply wear them for an evening then dispose of them at the end! With 3 monthlies though there is also the upkeep involved & lets be honest, I'm just a lazy bum! However maintaining these was no hardship at all, just make sure the lens case is regularly freshened up with solution & kept clean.

Sapphire Blue is one of the Blendz range & has a bit of brown blended in there with the blue for a more natural look & I love it! With the blue colour I found it brightened up my eyes considerably & it was definitely fun being a blue eyed gal for a short while! ;) And after wearing I simply placed them back in the lens case with fresh solution ready for next time!

Not only am I super happy with the colour but the thing that has got me hooked on these lenses is just how comfortable they are! And for me this a HUGE deal what with my dry eyes & all. The lenses are easy to put in & take out & with the added help of eye drops for when my eyes are feeling a tad dry, I've been able to wear these throughout an entire day let alone just an evening. I've even been comfortably wearing them to work, for a few days in a row before giving my eyes a little break, where I'm in front of a computer screen for the majority of the time & they've not gotten irritable at all.

The range of colours to choose from MesmerEyez is great, definitely something for everyone, including a funky XtremEyez range which would be perfect for Halloween! I'm seriously impressed with the quality of these lenses & already have my mind set on trying me some green lenses next, or maybe violet! MesmerEyez lenses are available to purchase online, the prices varying depending on which ones you get & the website also allows you to see how different colour lenses look on different skin tones which is great :)

Thanks for reading dolls! Are you a fan of wearing contact lenses? Have you tried MesemerEyez before?

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - product was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)


NOTD - Relight My Fantasy Fire!

Hey there lovelies! Hope you're all enjoying your weekends. Popped along to watch the very eagerly anticipated Iron Man 3 yesterday & to indulge in some cinema grub, both immensely satisfying. I definitely urge you to go watch even if you're not a huge Marvel comics fan, Ben Kingsley is especially brilliant, you won't be disappointed!

On to today's post dolls, rewind to roughly a year ago, do you happen to remember 'THAT' infamous polish released by Maxfactor going by the name of Fantasy Fire? You know...the one that had every beauty/polish obsessed girl go completely bonkers over with its stunning unique quality?Well yours truly was one such blogger who had the same reaction however decided to do things differently & wait a WHOLE YEAR before blogging about it...totally intentional of course. But in a way its better as I can now refresh my memory on just how gorgeous this polish is & fall in love with it all over again :)

Fantasy Fire truly is a little bottle of shimmering specialness, a multichrome shimmer that's beauty is bought out by applying over polish as by its onesie it is incredibly sheer. And the resulting effect differs depending on the shade & angle from which you gaze at it, so I decided to have a play around & do a Fantasy Fire skittles mani over 5 different polishes.

On the thumb I applied it over black, 17 Nightshade & is probably my favourite out of the 5, black always brings out polishes like this to their full potential & boy does it! There is a whole spectrum of shimmers within Fantasy Fire ranging from copper to green to purple & turquoise & its over black where most of them come to life, here you can see the rusty copper come through prettily.

On the index finger I applied Fantasy Fire over Barry M's Indigo which is definitely my second favourite, these two are a perfect match for each other. The stunning Indigo crème brings out the turquoise base of Fantasy Fire beautifully & the coppery bronze shimmer on top is gorg!

On the middle finger I used a classic red Revlon shade Blaze as a base which really makes Fantasy Fire literally look on fire! Another gorgeous combo I love the red & golden multichrome finish, so eye catchingly stunning

The last two polish choices were a tad random. I wanted to see what how it would look over a green so used Models Own Golden Green as a base on the ring finger before going over with the the Fantasy Fire which gives an interesting finish. Here the purple tones come through with that ever gorgeous red bronze shimmer.

Finally on the little finger I used the fab GOSH Holographic which is totally totally transformed after its been Fantasy Fired! It becomes the prettiest lilac purple shimmer, so different!

Out of all 5 its definitely over black that Fantasy Fire is brought to its true stunning potential. Here's another pic where you can really see all the different shimmers!

I absolutely adore this stunning polish! I may have gone a tad overboard & purchased a couple of back ups of this baby...just in case. Maxfactor Fantasy Fire is available to purchase from most Maxfactor counters in Boots, Superdrugs etc. for just £3.99. I've even picked up a few for polish swaps with lovelies from overseas as it sadly isn't available in the US. Always happy to spread the polish love & Fantasy Fire is most definitely worth it! ;)

Thanks as always for reading sweetys! Have you tried Fantasy Fire? 

Lotsa love to ya!


The Body Shop Love Gloss For Lips in Tropical Pink!

Happy Friday my lovely readers! This particular Friday being even more glorious than usual as it also happens to be pay day! Oh that beautiful moment where you feel completely flush before the inevitable skintness that will follow after succumbing to an entire months worth of wish list lemmings...at least I can use the blog as an excuse for all make up related purchases...every time a cheeky purchase is made....& eyebrows are raised... “Its okay” I reply...“Tis for blogging purposes ya know”...saved. ;)

Even though I adore all things make up there's still one avenue in the make up world where I still do not venture much & that's lip colour, more often than not just applying quick slick of lip balm & being good to go! Not only do they scare the bejesus out of me but being a sufferer of incredibly dry lips, it just ends up being a bit of a long winded nuisance to wear lipsticks what with all the exfoliating & moisturising & preping etc. However having said all this I still somehow own a ton of lippies....How did that happen? ...*tumbleweed*

So I thought the time hath come to give those lip products some loving & start off slowly with the glosses, baby steps & all that ;) With the beautiful rays of these few days past, its definitely gotten one in that Summery mood. Wanting a suitably summery shade on the lips I reached for this sublime gloss from The Body Shop Love Gloss For Lips range in 18 Tropical Pink.

I was fortunate to receive this lovely gloss in the goody bag from the BBloggersXmasEvent last year, so its about time it got some much deserved loving as it is just gorg! This is the first gloss I've tried from The Body Shop & am super impressed, not only are they not overly sticky, as is the case with most glosses but the formula is nicely creamy & moisturising & it feels just divine on the lips.

At first glance Tropical Pink looks a tad daunting in the tube with all that orange but the coral tone is more subtle when on the lips & definitely adds to the bright tropical vibe, just perfect for Summer. There is also a delicate shimmer present however it adds a really pretty dimension to it without making the lips look all glittery which can be quite off putting.

The Body Shop Love Gloss For Lips come with a heart shaped wand applicator making precision application a doddle. It glides on to the lips beautifully & the subtle pop of colour is just my cup of tea, I luiuuuuuurve it :) Next time I'm passing The Body Shop I'll definitely be popping in to have a look at the other colours within this range which retail for £10.

Thanks for reading babes! Have you tried The Body Shop's Love Gloss For Lips range?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Paint It Blue For Autism Awareness Month - Wired, Flakied, & Freaked Out!

Hello there my beauties! Middle of the week has been reached, huzzah! Let us engage in a mutual fist bump. Hope everyone's week is faring well & that you're all enjoying this fine weather we're currently receiving. Heard its absolute beaut out there, as almost every single one of my patients kindly informed me today at work...where I was...inside. Lets just hope it lasts on into the weekend so I can enjoy me some of it! ;)

Wednesday is the day many like to normally associate with the colour pink, however today we'll be mixing it up a tad & instead I've another blue manicure for you dolls in honour of Autism Awareness month. As previously mentioned, for the month of April, nail bloggers will be uniting & rocking as much blue on their nails to help raise awareness, so lets do this! Cue another fist bump. For my first blue mani of the month I went for some Blue Glitter & I seem to be on a glitter high as I decided to reach for another one of the gorgeous Models Own Mirrorballs for a bit o' accent nail sparkle action!

In this mani I used the LA Colors Wired again, which I used as a base in the Blue Glitter mani. Here you can see its true shade which I'll be honest I was a tad disappointed by! In the bottle it appears to be a super vibrant blue, however on the nail its much more toned down. But for 99p a bottle who am I to complain really?!

For my accent nail I went in with two coats of the fab Freak Out from the Models Own Mirrorball Collection. I absolutely LOVED this collection & am slowly making my way through each beautiful polish. I've already blogged Boogie Nights & Disco Inferno, both absolute beauts!

Freak Out is a gorgeous glitterbomb mixture filled with large blue hex glitters & smaller fushia pink hexagonal glitters. This baby also has some blue bar glitter thrown in there & of course not forgetting those schmexy holo glitter shards to complete it.

For a final extra measure I applied a coat of Australis Crystal Colour Topcoat in Speck-tacular, which is a gorgeous flakie topcoat & was sent to me by my darling Chelle. Thank you doll! <3 I heart flakies!

Mmmm, blue, glitter AND flakie goodness. Happy me. Thanks for reading my lovelies! Will you be rocking some blue mani's this month? Would love to see!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Two Tone Leopard Print wth Nails Inc...

Ello ello poppets!

I found myself in the mood for some easy peasy quickie nail art yesterday so after umming & aaahing & pondering & google-ing I decided in the end to go for some leopard print nails again. I've had me a go with this design before HERE & I just love how quick & easy it is to create, plus it can be done in so many different colour combos, its definitely a design I don't think I'll ever tire of :) This time I decided to reach for some Nails Inc & went for two tone leopard print nails...

I opted for a nice pale pink & a 'greige' polish as I thought the two shades went really well together & both are Nails Inc offerings, Elizabeth Street & Porchester Square.

To start off I applied two coats of each polish on the nails, alternating between the two colours. Both polishes are lovely crème formulas, but you definitely do need two coats for opacity as one alone can be quite streaky.

Once the base was dry, using the polish brush I just dotted on random dots, fitting about 3-4 on to each nail, using the pink on the greige & vice versa

I actually couldn't find my models own nail art pen, it seems to have gone walkies, but no matter! I just dug out an old Rimmel liquid eye liner & used that to add the black brackets around each dot & extra detail to complete the leopard print

I still felt there was something lacking so decided to apply on top a nice thick coat of golden glitter in the form of Nails Inc Glamour Glitter, which gives the most delightful shimmery sparkly finish. Done!

 Thanks as always for reading. Hope you liked the leopard print nails dolls! Have you given this design a go?

Lotsa love to ya!


Getting Doll'd Up with Seventeen Mascara...

Happy Sunday lovely readers! Finding you all good & well I hope? Must say its mucho nice to finally be seeing some beautiful bright rays & blue skies! I'd almost forgotten what it felt like & ventured outdoors like a hermit who has been deprived of sunlight for months! Lets just hope it sticks around for a while ;)

Whilst popping in to Boots the other day for an emergency chocolate purchase, I decided to make use of a voucher I had offering £2 off the latest mascara from make-up brand Seventeen, Doll'd Up. It seems absolutely impossible for me to enter this place without leaving with an item of make-up in some form! But it was too good to pass up on so off I happily went with my new mascara & not forgetting the chocolate bar of course...

I've used one other mascara from Seventeen which didn't really do much for me if I'm honest but I was willing to give this latest offering a try. I absolutely love the cutesy red & black packaging of the new Doll'd Up Mascara & I’m a total sucker for prettily packaged makeups ;)

Of course an important aspect of every mascara is the brush & the Doll'd Up comes with a curve shaped wand designed to curl & add volume to the lashes, to help create a doll like bright eyed look.

So lets put it to the test shall we? Here's a before pick of my mascara-less eyelashes, I haven't shown it here but I also just quickly curled them with the eyelash curler before applying the mascara. This helps curve them with the wand a lot better :)

After curling I then applied two thin coats of the Doll'd Up, first brushing the top of the lashes before going under & upwards using the curved brush which definitely helps lift & separate the lashes nicely without clumping.

Hello wide awake eyes! Overall I love the finished effect this mascara gives, I'm not a huge fan of thick heavy coats on my eyelashes, preferring a more subtle look for daytime & this is perfick! Granted there's not an immense amount of volume, yet it curls & fans out the lashes nicely & no clumps! Plus you can always build it up for more volumising action :)

Seventeen's Doll'd Up Mascara is available to purchase from Boots & retails for &6.29, not bad at all! Have you tried this? What's your favourite mascara? Thanks for stopping by!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD Paint It Blue for Autism Awareness Month - Wired with Glitter!

Ello ello lovely readers!

How have you been? Hope you're having a super weekend whatever you're getting up to :) Just got back in from a lovely day out in London with one of my besties where we pretended to be models for the day (badly!) attending a photo shoot in Shepherds Bush...as you do! But it was a fab experience, everyone was absolutely lovely & put us both very much at ease, plus it twas very nice getting our hur & makeup did ready to pull those pout poses. We managed to get some fun snaps which I might pop on here at some point to share with ya!

In case you weren't aware lovelies, this month is Autism Awareness Month & as part of it, the nail community has come together in its usual fab way & lots of lovely bloggers will be wearing blue nails to help raise awareness for the cause, which I think is such a wonderful thing! So for the next few weeks I'll be rocking as many blue mani's on here as possible, starting off with this one which involves...shock horror...GLITTER!

I am a glitter fiend. I found myself feeling in a matchy matchy mood this week, so I decided to whack on some blue glitter to go with an outfit of a similar shade...which I totally forgot to snap for an OOTD...blogger fail. Oh well, next time. This beautiful blue goodness is a combo of LA Colors Wired & a funky blue glitter polish from Claire's.

To really bring out the blue glitter to full pow wow level it definitely needed an undie so I started off with two coats of the LA Colors Wired. A lot of love for this range of super value for money polishes available in a wide selection of colours!

Once the base was on I then went in with that booootiful blue glitter of which I applied two coats for full on sparkle arkle! Claire's have some super cute polishes, especially their glitter range which includes fab glitterbombs like this gorg Rose Gold-esque one. Love!

To finish I just applied two thick coats of topcoat to smoothen out all that glitter, no gritty gritty! ;) I couldn't help but continue with the blue theme & whack on some accessories in the form of a pretty bead ring & some sparkly ear jewels!

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Thanks as always for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Estee Lauder 'Insatiable'

Greetings my lovely ones! Hope you're all having a tip top weekend!

Now as much as I absolutely LOVE, my glitter, my sparkle, my holos & duochromes on thy nails, a fact that is quite obvious in the majority of the NOTD's blogged on here, I also get moments when I actually want to tone things down a tad & go for a nice simple neutral block of colour on the nails...so when one such moment arose again I decided to reach for a polish that has been on my 'must try' list for a while, Estee Lauder's Insatiable...

I picked this little beauty up when I purchased the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation a while back at a time where there was one of those 'free gift' offers going on. For the free gift, two purchases were needed & this lovely looking polish, which is my first by Estee Lauder was my other one. I definitely see Estee Lauder as one of the more extravagant high street brands so was excited to try & see how the polish would fare!

Insatiable is one of those divine purple-y grey or 'greige' type of shades, I really do adore these type of colours, perfect for creating a simple & sophisticated looking manicure. At first glance it actually appears more lilac toned in the bottle doesn't it? However the colour transcends to a much deeper grey with subtle purple tones, quite unique, I just love it.

The consistency of the polish was thick but not troublesome & applied very nicely, this was two coats to get a nice opacity. It dried in good time as well to a lovely glossy finish. And I just adore the packaging of Estee Lauder polishes, they remind me of ice cubes, so pretty & elegant!

So overall I'm pretty happy with my first Estee Lauder polish experience! Though at £14.50 a pop, granted they are not exactly within the cheaper range of polishes out there, but the formula is lovely, of good quality & I love the simple elegance of the shade, I don't own anything like it...& did I mention how cute I think the ice cube like bottles are?

Thanks for reading dolls! Have you tried Estee Lauder polishes?

Lotsa love to ya!