NOTD - Two Tone Chevron Tips with No7 Limited Edition Duo Nail Colour

Ello ello sweetpeas! No Monday blues to be found in this vicinity thanks to the gloriousness that are three day weekends, just a very stuffed individual who would like nowt more than to hibernate for the rest of the week pretty please. The weather was glorious today so instead of the duvet film fest that was originally planned, my bestie & I decided to hit the road for a wee country drive...that ended up being a very long country drive thanks to the sat nav being an eejit. Not that we were complaining mind you, speeding along the country roads (within the speed limit don't fret) with the windows rolled down, radio blasting great tunes before ending up in a quaint country pub for a seriously satisfying meal isn't a bad way to spend the bank holiday at all ;)

I think my local Boots must know me quite well now with how easily I succumb to polish temptation as during a recent visit to pick up lunch, my eyes were naturally drawn to a basket right by the till filled with these new No7 Stay Perfect Duo Nail Polishes (RRP £6). Cheeky ploy Boots...but it obviously worked as I couldn't resist picking one up to take home for some mani fun!

This double ended polish is actually a special edition launch from No7 so not entirely sure if its permanent or not & contains not one but two polishes, Cheeky Chops & Hot To Trot giving you two polishes for the price of one which is always good eh?

Using both polishes I did a quick two tone chevron style tip mani design. I actually love & prefer doing tips like this as not only does it look a wee bit more interesting as well as being super easy to do, I cannot for the life of me actually do a nice neat french tip! That's something I will need to practice...ALOT. 

On three of the nails I used Cheeky Chops as the base, this is a lovely bright pink crème that applied smoothly with a lovely glossy finish. Such a pretty shade & great pedi colour too!

On the remaining nails I used the other polish shade Hot To Trot which is rich deep gold foil shade making it a really nice contrast to the pink crème. Two coats of each shade were used & the formula of them are pretty much perfect!

Once the bases were dry I went in with the opposing colours to do these quick chevron style tips which are created by simply doing two quarter moons side by side, before finishing with topcoat.

Loving the two of these polishes together, the crème & foil actually go so well with each other! The No7 Duo Polish is limited edition & available now at Boots for £6. Thanks as always for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Peridot Nails for August!

Good day lovelies & Happy Bank Holiday weekend! *throws confetti in to air*, *breaks in to dance*, *wipes away tears of joy* The bank holiday will consist of the usual excessive eating till unmovable state & plenty of veg-ing out, boom yes! Yesterday despite the pouring rain my lovely friends Saf & Fei came down from London to visit moi in my neck of the woods which was wonderful & a fab day was had indulging in a delightful afternoon tea, cucumber sandwiches & all, followed by an afternoon prowling the shops, squeezing in a visit to my favorite little sweet shop, before finishing off with a scrummy dinner at Cafe Rouge. Thanks to them both for a swell time as always, I have a lot of love for these ladies! :D

Tis the month of August already, the birthstone of which is the stunningly pretty Peridot stone. On Instagram (aysh_xox) a few nail bloggers I follow came up with a periodical nails idea where each month, mani's are done inspired by the months birthstone, which I thought such a great idea & couldn't resist taking part in also! Last month was the turn of Ruby for July & now we have Peridot for August!

The Peridot stone is a gorgeous pale green gem with a yellowish gold twinge, such a pretty one! When pondering on what sort of polish to use for my mani I of course could only think of one, the infamous Chanel Peridot ;)

I've blogged about Chanel Peridot before & it is a truly stunning polish with its gorgeous olive green & gold duochrome finish. Its also a shade that's been duped many times now by many brands. I'll confess that this was my first Chanel polish & most likely will be my only one! I just think that you can get just as good quality if not better dupes for a fraction of the price!

Not entirely sure what this type of mani design is called but I'd seen a few which covered only two thirds of the nail leaving the bottom natural which I loved! After free-handing a semi circle, I applied two coats of Chanel Peridot & annoyingly smudged the little finger which I didn't notice till after but lets just pretend that didn't happen *cough!* Once dry I then applied some pretty Peridot coloured gemstones in different sizes along the semi circle before applying a good few coats of topcoat to seal them nicely into place.

Found myself wearing this mani for a whole week I loved it so much which is almost unheard of for me! I'm loving these periodical gemstone themed mani's so much! Next month will be the turn of the Sapphire which also just so happens to be MY birthstone, woop! ;D

Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya!


Getting Lippy - Collection Colour Pro Lip Lacquer in Show Off!

Hello there you lovely lot! Gosh the task of getting through the week with my sanity intact has definitely been challenging & then some dolls. After a wonderful week of overtime at work I literately cannot wait for the bank holiday weekend to arrive so I can finally relax...I see myself getting all kinds of emotional come tomorrow afternoon...just the though of the lie-ins that will be had *sniffs*

My lovely friend Jo aka Mademoiselle Lala sent me a delightful care package a while back, because she's just an absolute sweetheart really whom I adore to pieces! Amongst the lovely bits & bobs she kindly sent my way, she also included some of the new Collection Colour Pro Lip Lacquers which I've been rocking on the lips of late & come in 4 different shades. The two I have are It Girl which is a delightfully bright pink & this one I have to share with you today, Show Off, a vividly bright coral shade, enough to brighten up any lip.

I'm supposing these lip lacquers are Collections spin on the infamous Rimmel Apocalips that everyone went doolally over not long ago. I myself only own one which I've not tried yet so couldn't compare, but judging by swatches I've seen the Collection lip lacquer is slightly less pigmented compared to the Rimmel. Though this doesn't bother me too greatly as just a hint of colour on the lips is what I prefer.

The Colour Pro Lip Lacquers come with your usual skinny doe foot applicator affair for easy application & whilst not being hugely pigmented you still get a nice colour pay off. The formula I found to be surprisingly thick which did drag on the lips a wee bit but the next time I applied it I made sure to apply a slick of lipbalm beforehand as I would with lipstick & it simply glided on :)

As you can see it definitely delivers on the high gloss shine finish & the coral shade is lovely, not too bright yet a nice pop of colour on the lips. Though I will say...it may be a good idea to wear an updo with these, as flyaway hairs WILL get stuck to those glossy lips! ;)

Thanks for reading dolls! Collection Colour Pro Lip Lacquers retail from £4.19 & are available to get at Boots & online. Have you tried these?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Models Own Southern Lights!

Good day lovely readers & happy weekend to you!

I often find myself getting so caught up over new nail polish releases/collections like any normal polish-aholic that after the initial seizure of excitement followed by inevitable purchasing, I then proceed to start the process all over again for another new polish release thus forgetting all about the previous one! Shame on me. The result of this is I still have lots of special little polish pretties that require some loving attention! Putting that to rights with one such pretty that I have to share with you lovelies & is the gorgeous Models Own Southern Lights...

Hello holo! Ain't it a beaut? Southern Lights is part of Models Own Wonderland Collection that was released last year & which I naturally succumbed to with picking 3 out of the 5 polishes including Jack Frost, Snowflakes & this little holo glitter delight.

Southern Lights is a supremely pretty lavender/lilac toned glitter holo that's packed with lots of gorgeous holographic microglitters. In the daylight it looks so pretty & delicate on the nails however bring out the artificial lighting... & boy this polish goes to town! So insanely sparkly its a veritable disco party on the nails!

I love how dense the glitter is in Southern Lights as well & managed to get a lovely opaque finish in just two coats. Application was a doddle & drying time was super quick, another thing I love about glitters :D A thick layer of topcoat replaced any rough glitter grittiness with a nice smooth finish.

Models Own polishes retail for £5 & can be found online & in Boots. And speaking of new collections...I've heard on the polish grapevine about Models Own upcoming Velvet Goth polishes...one word...EXCITED! Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Captain America!

Hey there my lovelies! As usual the weekend was over much too soon for my liking, two days is most certainly not enough! Lets hope the upcoming week is nice & quick eh?

Gone for a touch of comic book inspiration with today's mani, completely unintentionally mind you but it was only afterwards did I realize with some joy that my nails immediately bought the comic book hero Captain America to mind with the red, blue & silver colours! ;)

Aaaah my inner comic book geek squeals in ecstatic nerdy happiness at this, oh I do miss the days of just losing myself in the wonderful world of Marvel comics, they were good & simpler times ;)

For the base I used Sonia Kashuk Smoke & Mirrors one of my favourite silver foils, so gorgeously metallic & shiny it is *crazy magpie eyes* @_@

Then for that touch of red & blue I used this fun little glitterbomb polish from Claire's which has been a nice little hunting ground for me when looking for lovely glitters, some of the colour combos I've found in there have been mighty puuurdy, this one included with its selection of blue, red & pale pink hexagonal glitters, though Captain America may take slight offence at the presence of pink in there...

Pow! Just hand me my mask & I think I could qualify as Captain America's new midget, polish wearing, crime fighting sidekick *comic book worthy fist pump in the air pose* though I draw the line at anything spandex...I wouldn't want to inflict those kind of horrors on the world.

Thanks for reading dolls! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


Pretty Statement Jewellery with Kukee...

Ello ello lovely readers! Hope you're all having a tip top weekend! Keeping it quite a tame one down this end after all the Eid festivities & excessive eating which doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon...soon nowt but a forklift will be able to shift this blogger o_O

A few pay days ago I found myself with that all too easy urge for a wee bit of online jewellery shopping to acquire some new bling, not that I NEED any more mind you but like polish, can a girl ever have TOO many pretty shiny things? Anyhoos after a bit of searching & of course asking around on beloved Twitter I eventually came across Kukee, a lovely little UK based online jewellery retailer that not only have some gorgeous & quirky pieces on their site but I was gob smacked at how wonderfully affordable they were too & you know I love me a good bargain! So of course I couldn't resist hauling a few things...

I'm telling you it was hard limiting myself to just a few bits but I managed to do so & received my order within the same week. It arrived boxed & wrapped up all prettily in tissue paper with each piece in its individual bag & along with my order there was a little free gift included in the form of an extra above knuckle ring which I thought such a lovely touch!

My first pick was this stunning silver plated Blue Acrylic Druzy Stone Ring. My eyes were just drawn to that stunning blue stone, isn't it gorgeous? And its much more vibrant & shimmering in real life with the colors shifting from glue to green & gold. I also love that the ring is adjustable as that's a big problem I have with most rings! And the price? £2.50!

I've been wanting me some above knuckle rings for the longest time & Kukee delivered beautifully with their wide range of different styles which come in silver or gold. I went for a pair of simple silver plated silver rings for just £2.50 & an extra ring was kindly included as a free gift.

The next purchase was definitely a bit quirky like moi & was this gold plated ear cuff with dangling blue stone skulls! (£2.50) Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but I love it, right up my street with its weirdness haha! I would have included a whole ear shot but erm...to cut a long story short I have a bit of a broken ear...in that a chunk of my lobe is in fact missing. This was due to a dodgy second piercing & is the source of a lot of humour with my friends & fam...to be honest I actually quite like it, hey its a part of me now & always will be! But I thought I'd do the kind thing & crop the pic! You're welcome & apologies if that was TMI... ;)

My final purchase was this Metallic Spiked Choker (£4.00) which I have been pairing with many outfits of late for that slight Gothic touch. Its so easy to wear with its wraparound velvet choker style band & pretty silver plated spikes which really stand out, definitely a favorite staple piece of mine!

The fact that I managed to stop myself there was a miracle in itself, there are so many temptations on the Kukee website! I definitely recommend checking them out if, like me you love quirky & unique statement jewellery pieces for bargain prices...who doesn't?! I already have my eye on some more above knuckle rings as well as the Regal Statement Necklace...another cheeky haul is on the horizon methinks... ;)

Thanks for reading dolls! Have you hauled any pretty jewellery lately?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Whimsical Nails...

Hey there my beauts & Eid Mubarak to all the lovelies who are celebrating the end of the fasting month today. I'll actually be celebrating tomorrow with my family, well...by celebrating I mean partaking in a lot of eating AFTER I return from a whole days work!

I was in the mood for some whimsical fairytale like nails the other day as you do, not surprising as I seem to live in a world of my own half the time so I've been told. So after having a prowl through my worryingly growing polish collection for some suitably whimsy like polishes, I couldn't decide on just one so picked 3 magical pretty's to create my mani...

For this I used Ulta3 Crytallina & Models Own's Jack Frost & Indian Ocean. I love layering different polishes as you can get some really interesting & different results depending on the shades you combine. I love the simple prettiness these three polishes created together, my mani definitely made me feel like a pixie!

I started off with two coats of Ulta3 Crytallina, a wonderful Ozzy brand that my darling Chelle introduced into my life, thank you sweety! I absolutely love the milky white shade which has the prettiest pale gold shimmer running through, so stunning! It is sheer though so 2-3 coats is needed.

On top of Crytallina I applied a coat of Models Own Jack Frost, a beautiful iridescent glitter that sparkles blue, green & pink in different lights. It reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Flash Cosmic.

Finally I topped it all of with a coat of one of my ol' Beetlejuice favorites, Models Own Indian Ocean. Aaaah I do have a lot of love for this little bottle of duo-chrome loveliness reminiscent of tropical waters. With its pretty iridescent shimmering colours of blue, pink & gold I think we can definitely class it as whimsical for sure ;)

Hope you liked the mani dolls! Do you like layering different polishes too? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Golden Sherbet

Good day lovelies! How are we all doing this fine weekend? I forgot to mention on here but if you follow me on twitter you'll know that today saw this ol' blogger donning a teachers cap & teaching my first (& probably only!) nail art class. Eeep! Twas very nervous about it let me tell you, I mean I was truly flattered to even be asked in the first place, most of the time when it comes to nail art, I just have a play around & hope for the best! But after the initial nerves had passed we just got in to the fun of it all & had a lovely time! Its definitely something I'd love to do again for sure :D

A little memo that totally passed me by is that its actually International Nail Art Day today! Did you know this? Me neither! So of course I couldn't help throwing together a quick mani using one of my favourite forms of nail art...DOTS! And even though this is one of the more simpler mani's I've ever done I actually think its one of my favorites as I'm super happy with how it came out!

For the base I used two coats of Nails Inc Peach Sorbet, an absolutely delicious peachy crème that was one of the fab magazine freebies. I almost didn't get this one but boy am I glad I did as not only is the colour lovely but the formula & application is great!

For the middle finger or *Shirley Bassey voice* The Goldfingeeeeer! (sorry) I applied one coat of Models Own 25 Carat Gold followed with a coat of Color Club Gold Glitter.

For the other nails I applied a pretty golden yellow rhinestone from my nail art wheels before adding two extra golden glitter dots above it using a dotting tool, again using both the 25 Carat Gold & Color Club Gold Glitter.

Finishing off with a coat of topcoat to seal those stones in place & shine & that's it! Sometimes simple mani's are definitely the best & I love the results!

Thanks for reading as always dolls! Have you art-ed up your nails for International Nail Art Day? Would love to see!

Lotsa love to ya!