What I Wore - Eye Of The Tiger...

Happy Friday lovely readers! We made it! *happy dance*

Now that I get to wear my own clothes to work I'm truly loving digging out & those neglected dresses of mine. On Fridays we like to casual it down a wee bit in the workplace, though I'm definitely not a trackie & top kinda gal. I can't even begin to describe the arduous torture I found in simply buying a pair of trainers for gym! O_o

I'm known well amongst my friends to have quite, lets say, dude-ish traits? In that I'm a huge sci fi geek, comic book fan & I can happily spend the entire weekend doing nowt but play computer games. However when it comes to fashion I'm definitely a girl through & through & adore donning a pretty dress. As Fridays called for something a bit more casual I decided to dig out this fabulously comfy black H&M tiger print dress...

Roar! Haha I adore the feisty feline print on this dress. I found this bad boy tucked up in the sales rack in H&M after Xmas with one of those lovely £5 tags on it that I just love :) The material is a smooth cotton that's super comfy & flows out around the hem nicely, I teamed the dress with my usual leggings & t shirt combo.

The shoes are for surely up there as a favourite pair of mine, I mean they have vintage Vogue magazine covers on them...enough said. These I picked up in Portgual last year.

I think this outfit was calling out for some feline themed accessories & me being the crazy cat lady I am, naturally have a few lying around...I think my collection is almost complete...

Cat ring? Check. Cat earrings? Check. Curious Posing Kitty....? Check! All I need is a kitty necklace & I'll be done! Until then though this spiked choker from Kukee will have to do ;)

                Cat ring - Primark, Cat earrings - Primark, Choker - Kukee, Kitty - Mine...

Hope you liked the feline themed outfit dolls! Miss kitty definitely approves I think ;) Thanks for reading as always!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - China Glaze 'I Herd That'...

Ello ello lovely readers!

Gosh its been a wee while hasn't it? Life has been a tad on the crazy side lately, I honestly don't know whether I'm coming or going, hence why the blog has taken a back seat, the mojo got lost there for a bit. I'm ashamed to admit that at times I've been so preoccupied that I've even had...*looks over shoulders*...*whispers*...BARE nails. Shhh! O_o But that little blip has been puts to right with immediate effect! Phew!

Today I've a beaut of a polish to share with you, not only is it just so puurdy but its been a perfect polish for me this week on account of it being a beautiful glitter thus super quick in application & drying! This little pretty is a China Glaze & goes by the name of I Herd That from their On Safari fall 2012 collection.

I found this lovely sparkler in the Sally's discount bowl, another fab place to seek out polish bargains! And what a sparkler it is, I Herd That is a beautiful burnt, coppery bronze & golden glitter polish that dries to a matte finish giving the effect of gorgeous sultry sands on your nails.

Here I've applied two coats to get an opaque finish, not bad at all for a glitter! And of course drying time was super quick with the matte glitter finish which I juts love *swoons* I later on applied a coat of topcoat to not only smoothen out the glitter but often a glitter can completely come to life with a simple coating of gloss & I Herd That was no exception!

Come evening I was delighted to discover a few holographic glitters mixed up in there as well with all that bronzey gold goodness! I think its safe to say I definitely have a new fav glitter on the block ;)

Thanks as always for reading lovely ones! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Asian Print Inspired Nails with Deborah Lippmann Stop & Stare!

Hello campers & Happy Sunday greetings! Hope you're all having a lovely one so far!

I'll be spending it my favourite way which of course involves plenty of relaxing, reading, eating, tea drinking, all that jazz. Plus the legs need a bit of rest after yesterday as it was the night of my darling friend Ayshe's wedding celebrations who looked, it goes without saying, absolutely incredible & I was so over the moon to celebrate her big day with her. Though as mentioned I think I may have over exerted myself a wee bit, I fear my days of dancing till the sun comes up are behind me! o_O

I decided to dig out one of my favourite red Asian outfits for the celebrations last night & naturally needed some suitable wedding nails to go with. I was feeling in the mood for some nail art so using my outfit for inspiration, created these Asian print design nails using the beautiful Deborah Lippmann's Stop & Stare.

I managed to grab this Lippmann in a pack of 3 from TK Maxx for a bargainous £8 which, seeing as these polishes retail for £18 a pop, was an absolute steal! Now even to me £18 is a hell of a lot for a polish, it would have to be pretty incredible & I have to say Stop & Stare really is a gorgeous polish, not only is it a beautiful red jelly, but the formula is just brilliant. So easy to apply, drying time was super quick & the finish was gorgeous! Still on the bench as to whether I'd fork out £18...but there is no doubt it is a quality polish!

Here I've applied 3 coats Stop and Stare to get an opaque finish as it is a surprisingly sheer yet glossy jelly. No matter though as each coat applied so well. Also photgraphing red is an absolute pain! Stop & Stare is a lovely bright cherry red. Once dry I then reached for my nail art pens. I started off with my Barry M pen in Black to create the curved design on the side of the nail.

Next using my Models Own nail art pen in Gold I applied some dots along the edge of the design following the pattern. I still felt it needed something more so I added a pretty green stone to each nail as well.

Finishing with a nice thick coat of topcoat & wedding mani done! Hope you liked the nails my lovelies! Thanks as always for reading & enjoy the rest of your weekends!

Lotsa love to ya!


What I Wore - Roses Are Blue....

Greetings to you lovely readers! Let us rejoice for a moment with the fact that its Fridaaaaaaaay!

The added factor of having today off work also has me in a happy state despite the longness of this week. I experienced a most spectacularly elegant fall in the gym, landing oh so gracefully on my backside & have since been limping around like an eighty year old...not my finest moment o_O Anyhoos I've popped to the docs this morn & am now armed with industrial strength painkillers & anit-inflammatory gel that will hopefully have me back to norm in no time!

Doing things a bit different today with an outfit post ooh errr! One of the things I've been over the moon about since my change of job is that fact that...wait for it...I get to wear my OWN clothes to the office. Now I know this wouldn’t be a huge deal to most but trust me, when you have endured many years of wearing a god awful uniform that does absolutely nothing for your skintone, the fact that I no longer need to is a revelation :)

As well as a polish, one of my other weakness is pretty dresses. That is what makes up most of my wardrobe to be honest & thankfully a lot of them can be styled in such that they work for both casual & work attire, so slowly all those dresses are coming out for proper loving including this blue rose print & lace dress from Dorothy Perkins.

I just fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it, I knew it had to come home with me. I'm an absolute sucker for floral prints & the blue rose pattern on this dress is so pretty & different. The additional layer of delicate black lace on top of the dress gives it a gothic-y edge that is right up my street.

Blue dress called for blue shoes of course so I simply completed the outfit with these pretty blue satin pumps that I snapped up in a Debenhams sale donkeys ago as well as a bit o' cinching of the waist with a plait belt :)

Thanks for reading as always lovelies! Oh and did you know? I've guest blogged this week over on the lovely Safiyah's blog FrootiBeauty! So do pop on over for a read :) Till next time!

Lotysa love to ya!


NOTD - Valentines Dotticure with Models Own White Light HyperGel!

Ello ello cherubs, happy weekend to you! And boy am I glad to see it! Though judging by the waterfall that is currently happening outside my window, it seems a hibernation weekend is in order. Its all good, we have the necessary supplies....food, films, blankets, bed...boom! ;)

So my lovelies, how many of you succumbed to the temptation that was the Models Own 50% off sale? *raises hand* Yup the sale was an event I'd been waiting for most anxiously so that I could not only stock up on nail art pens but also nab some of those new Hyper Gels!
However after I hauled I realised that I didn't get the White HyperGel...I mean that's just nuts...how could I NOT get the white? So in the words of Britney Spears, Oooop I Did It Again & what do you know ANOTHER teensy weensy haul happened before the sale ended ;)

But all is right with the world as I now have the shade White Light which was the first Hyper Gel to get a test drive with this quick little Valentines themed manicure whilst also just having some fun with dots for today's post!

I started off with two coats of White Light & let me just say if the other Hyper Gels are like this one then I'm a happy bunny! I always worry with gel effect polishes that the formula will be gloopy but that's not the case at all with these. Application was lovely & smooth & the finish is just so gorgeously glossy & opaque in two coats, I love it!

Then for the easy peasy arty bit I simply added a heart in the centre of each nail using Nails Inc St James for my red & a dotting tool, placing two dots next to each other before joining at the bottom to create a heart.

Using the same red & my Models Own nail art pen in pink I just surrounded the heart in swirls of dots to finish. Not forgetting a nice thick coat of top coat to seal & shine & that's it! :)

Hope you liked the Valentines themed mani dolls! The Models Own polishes retail for £5 and are available online. Have you tried the new Hyper Gels?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Candy Stripe Nails!

Greetings to you lovely readers! Did you all have a lovely weekend dears?

This weekend saw myself & my lovely blogger pals Grace & Safira head off on a wee little road trip to Southampton to celebrate with Ayshe & some other fab ladies for her Hen Weekend! Yup, my buddy Ayshe is getting married & in a few weeks no less! Not only that but afterwards she will be relocating to Oman, exciting! I'm a mixture of sad that Ayshe will be so far but also so happy & excited for my friend & the new adventures that will come her way & I wish her the best of luck!

Speaking of blogger friends, you may recall from my previous post the package of treats that darling Chelle spoilt me with for Xmas. Included in the package was the divine Pastel Collection from Face of Australia that literally had me drooooooling! I couldn't wait to get those pretty pastels on my nails & picking one was just too darn hard so I used the bunch in this Candy Stripe mani...

I am so completely in love with everything about this design which incidentally I first saw on Chelle's blog! Not only is it so eye catching but quite possibly the easiest nail art ever! All you need is your base colour(s) & a white nail art pen, in this case I used Models Own which are my favourites! Now on to those pretty pastels....

On my thumb I used two coats of Castle On A Cloud, a dreamy pale lilac crème with a very subtle hint of shimmer giving it a certain specialness.