NOTD - Purple & Polka Dots...

Greetings lovely readers & Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful & incredible mummas out there! Truly, what would we do without you? However you're spending your day, hope you're all having a lovely one. My fab & beaut mumma bear & I will be trotting off to enjoy a delightful afternoon tea together later for some quality mum & daughter time, which I cannot wait for :)

                                                                                Moi & Mumma <3

Yesterday my matey & I had an early start & visited Stonehenge & Bath for the day on one of those Groupon thingamybobs, its something we've always wanted to do & I'm so glad we did as it was incredible. I have to say this was quite largely down to the fact that our guide David was absolutely bloomin hilarious, such a character & definitely made the day ten times better! I've fallen in love with the city of Bath, so beautiful & picturesque, we had an ace day visiting the Roman baths, exploring the streets, visiting the fudge shop, enjoying a delicious Indian lunch with stunning views of Bath, before finding ourselves in an arcane bookshop we stumbled across & spending the afternoon talking starsigns & crystals & palm reading with the lovely staff there. An exhausting but wonderful day & I deffo recommend you visit, we already want to go back!

Anyhoos! On to todays post dearies, ’twas in the mood for some purple & polka dots, you can never have too many polka dots in my world :) For this mani I dug out this absolutely delightful offering from Bourjois with an equally delightful name, Lavende Esquisse!

Apologies for the abysmal topcoat application there, I was rushing a tad O_o Lavende Esquisse is a beautiful deep lilac shade from Bourjois 1 second nail enamel range which promises easy application in one simple swipe due to the unique shaped brush & gel like formula. Because I have long nail beds & am a religious two coater I still applied a second coat to ease my mind but the brush really is fab & could easily coat most nails in one clean swipe. The finish is beautiful, glossy & quick drying too!

I decided to make this what I like to call a 'hodge podge' mani, so applied Lavende Esquisse onto my thumb, index & little fingers only, then using my favourite white NYC Pinstripe White on my middle & ring fingers, before going in with the Lavende Esquisse again, my dotting tool & adding a few large & small polka dots in a hodge podge pattern to the white nails.

Finish with a coat of topcoat, applied much better than I did & you're done! So much love for polka dots...& this pretty polish. Thanks for reading my lovelies! Till next time!

Lotsa love to ya!


Product Love - Maybelline Baby Lips!

Goooooood Sunday morning to you lovely readers! Hope you're all having a nice weekend!

A family wedding affair is on the agenda for moi today but that won't be till the evening, so thankfully that leaves plenty of time to prepare. Asian weddings usually guarantee a jolly good time so looking forward to it :) A spot of cheeky spending occurred yesterday, entirely out of my control you understand, it was completely H&M's fault who currently have a wee sale going on & I'm now two dresses & a pair of shoes heavier than I was before but who am I to walk away from a good bargain? ;)

Now every once in a while there is a product released that has the beauty world in a tizz over...one such product was the muchly anticipated Maybelline Baby Lips range that I confess I completely succumbed to as well. And happily too...as they are blooming fabulous & currently hold position as my number one favourite lip product.

I've mentioned it many a time about how I suffer from terribly dry lips, truly a bane on my life it is. So whenever an exciting new lip balm/product is released that promises hydration & moisturisation for those lips I'm normally drawn to it like a mouse to cheese. And man...these babies did not disappoint. I initially picked up only two from the range, Hydrate & Cherry Me but I've since gone & nabbed the other two tinted balms from the range as well I love them that much.

Hydrate is a colourless balm that I use as a perfect base moisturiser before applying lipstick which simply glides on top of it. Cherry Me is a delightfully scented red tinted balm that’s colour can be built up on for a more pigmented finish & just leaves the lips feeling so soft & super moisturised. These babies also have an added SPF20....win.

These little wonder balms are only £2.99 a pop & are available to pick up from most Maybelline makeup counters. I also have Pink Punch, which is a pretty pink & Peach Kiss, a nice nude toned shade, both equally as lovely as Cherry Me & all are carried about my person at all times. I really do hope they expand the range & introduce a wider range of shades!

Thank you for reading lovelies! Have you tried Maybelline Baby Lips? Do you have any other favorite lip balms recs?

Lotsa love to ya!



NOTD - Golden Tigress...

Greetings to you lovely readers & a happy weekend!

Got some feisty feline nails to share with you lovelies today with a spot of animal print nail art. Who doesn't love a bit o' animal print? Meow pussycats.

I'm already a huge fan of leopard print nails which I've done previously HERE and HERE. The different colour combos you can do are endless! However I've always shied away from tiger/zebra print thinking it to be more complicated but I couldn't have been more wrong! Now that I've realised how easily they can be achieved I feel this may be a design I will be wearing the heck out of ;)

Here I've gone down the nude & gold route using a base of Revlon Peach Nectar, a really lush glossy nude shade of which I've applied two coats.

Next come the black stripes, I definitely recommend using a nail art pen such as Models Own as the thin brush helps create really nice lines which start thicker & end with a thin sharp edge. Starting from the side of the nail simply stroke the brush along the curve of the nail, ending the stroke just past the middle of the nail. You can even join a few of the stripes to create a V.

For the blingy gold touch I used Models Own 25 Carat Gold & a thin nail art brush to apply a thin stroke of gold along the side of the black before going in with a bit of added sparkle using Color Club Gold Glitter on top.

Finish it all with a thick slick of topcoat & your golden tigress nails are roaring to go (I'm truly sorry for that) Now I want to try this design in a whole rainbow of colours, I think a black, white & silver zebra vibe design would look fab!

Hope you liked lovelies! Thanks as always for stopping by. Have you tried animal print nails?

Lotsa love to ya! 


NOTD - Infra Red!

Hullo there lovely readers! Did you all have a good weekend?

How about that Sun eh?! I almost found myself unsure of what to do in the presence of such glorious rays its been so long! But make the most of it I did with a London trip on Saturday to catch some dim sum, shopping & gossip with friends before another dose of shopping & a visit to an ice cream parlour squeezed in on Sunday...not bad at all! Especially when the waiter gets your order wrong & gives you an extra scoop of ice cream to compensate ;)

Sending some gorgeous holo goodness your way today! Remember those China Glaze Hologlam polishes that were released around this time last year that had all polish lovers in a tizz over? Well I never really succumbed myself but whilst browsing through Sally's, what did I find sitting there in the discount bucket? Hologlams!

Now after the initial excitement at this discovery in Sallys had passed...I actually only found myself leaving with ONE Hologlam, this simply stunning Infra Red. I just found the other few shades in there to be very underwhelming & after seeing swatches of Infra Red I knew it was gonna be a good un & it did not disappoint!

Infra Red is a vibrant magenta holo, so completely different to any holo I've seen, its gorgeous! And even more bright in real life. I did have quite a few folk asking what it was when wearing which is always the sign of a good polish!

I don't know what it is about holos but they make me happy :) I love just sitting there twisting my hand almost causing an injury in the process looking at the pretty effects. This was two coats which applied rather well, I have found holos to be a streaky mess to apply at times but this was fine.

Drying time was super quick too & I do like to finish with a slick of topcoat for extra glossyness :) Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Have you tried any of the China Glaze Hologlams?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - What A Stud!

Bonjour dear readers! Hows your week faring so far? At least midweek point has been reached & we can just about see the glorious weekend in the distance ;)

So it would appear I've got a bit of an obsession at the moment...studs. On everything. Studs...everywhere...have at all the studs. I'm just loving them, I have a studded bag which I adore, studded leather driving gloves that are always about my person, studded shoes that come out every now & again & I thought...hmmm I fancy me some stud action on my nails...so I did.

Please forgive the abysmal photo quality loves, though I know I'm no photographer these really are dire but blame it on the dreary weather! Even the bathroom lighting could not save me. Anyhoos more importantly what do we think of the studs?! Like? I am in stud heaven!

First up lets talk about that pretty base right there which is one of my best bargain finds courtesy of Miss Sporty. Now I'll confess I usually walk right past the Miss Sporty beauty counter due to the assumption that its mostly aimed for a younger demographic however this little sparkly caught my polish radar & I'm so glad as its a beaut!

This is Gorgeous Red from the Oh My Gem! range & is a red jelly filled with not just sparkly red glitters but also purdy purple glitters too giving it a lovely edge! This here was two coats applied & the formula was fab to work with, leaving an opaque finish & quick drying time! And the best part? These babies only cost £1.99. Yus. I really hope they release more shades in this range.

Now those studs! Sorry...what can I say? I'm a wee bit obsessed about the studs *cough* I found this little box of nail art studs sitting all by its lonesome on a Boots clearance shelf for just 50p...so naturally they had to come home with me. I believe they are from the brand Seventeen another fab bargain brand in Boots! I simply applied 3 studs to each nail using an orange stick dipped in clear polish after applying the second coat of Gorgeous Red so that they adhered to the nail.

Finish it all with a thick coat of topcoat to seal those studs in place & voila! 3D stud-tastic nails ready to rock! Quite possibly the easiest nail art ever, so eye catching & on the receiving end of many a nice comments! :)

Hope you liked the mani lovelies! Have you tried using studs in your nail art? Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!