NOTD - Mermaid Teal Glitter Gradient Nails

Greetings dear readers! Fare thee well? Hope you're all having a good start to your weekends!

Bringing a little teal goodness your way today my lovelies with this glitter gradient that has a slight mermaid vibe going on I feel with those ocean-y colours & features two pretty polishes from the brand Angelica which is available in Primark. Whenever I pop in to a big Primarni in London I always attempt to hunt down the polishes as my local one never has any!

These two pretties were picked up a while back yet are only just getting some proper loving now! Lets start with the supremely lush creamy teal base which goes by the name of Electric Teal & is a lovely smooth turquoise teal green, such a lovely shade! A gorgeous crème formula, this is two coats applied.

Next for the glitter fix to dazzle up the mani a wee bit, I used Bewitched, which is a stunning glitter mixture of both sea green round glitters & holographic bar glitter...BEAUT!

For a quick glitter gradient effect just apply 3-4 thin coats of glitter, starting about three quarters of the way down the nail on the first coat, slowly building up to the tips on the 3rd coat. Finish with a coat of topcoat & you're done!

Now I just need some seashells in my hair & I'll be good to go. Hope you like the mermaid glitter gradient nails me dears! Thanks for reading!

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Comic Con, Cosmetic Cupcake Meet & KIKO!

Ello ello lovely readers!

Blimey tis been a while eh? Hope you're all having a great bank holiday weekend, no Monday blues, aren't they just fab?! Life's been a tad hectic hence the lack of blogging but can't complain! A coupla weekends back I finally got to meet my amazing blogging friend Chelle aka Cosmetic Cupcake. The lovely lady was passing through London on her honeymoon so we decided to meet & do our favorite things including getting our nails done at WAH, a spot of afternoon tea & shopping! Was truly ace to finally meet my gorgeous friend, I wanted to keep her here! I know I go on about it all the time but seriously one of the best things about blogging is the AMAZING friends made through it! :) 

Yesterday my chum Ram & I hotfooted to Excel London for this years Comic Con which was an experience for sure! It was my first time going but something I've wanted to do for ages & it did not disappoint. We braved a most apocalyptic hailstorm & the two of us are pretty much CHAMPION queuers now but it was worth the wait. And of course there were amazing costumes on show taking people watching to a whole another level! I wore a simple Marvel comic book print dress but next year (because we will be back!) I will definitely get my thinking cap on for outfit ideas! The day was filled with lots of memorable moments including a quick catch up with The Joker to share makeup tips as well as sharing a rather special moment with a wookie. Plus we also picked up some great purchases including a few fun t-shirts & pretty vintage jewellery. Good times :)

Right, on to today's post! Keeping things straightforward with a simple yet super sparkly mani courtesy of a brand that is becoming a big favourite of mine, KIKO. But I'm afraid I'm going to do one of those super annoying things & blog about a polish that's no longer available but it was just too pretty NOT to share! Forgive meee!!!!!

Isn't it a bobby dazzler though? This sparklefest delight is KIKO 441 from their Digital Emotion nail lacquer collection from last year, oh KIKO why do you do such pretty limited editions?! I'm gutted I only picked up one!

441 is an absolute feast of green & gold sparkle glitter, with both round & bar glitter packed in there & two coats give a completely opaque finish so no need for an undie. Drying time was also super quick too. A quick slick of topcoat smoothed the surface & intensified the sparkle!

Despite being only limited I'm still a massive fan of KIKO polishes as every single one I have ever purchased has never disappointed. Great formulas, shades & quality all at such a reasonable price of £3.50! And they always have some interesting eye catching collection to tempt, at the moment including some stunning glitter toppers...KIKO really do glitter very well so I may have to go grab them before its too late!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Have you tried KIKO polishes? Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend!

Lotsa love to ya!


Product Love - The Body Shops Lip & Cheek Stain & MUA Shimmer Kisses Blusher...

Hullo sweetpeas! Question...why is it that despite its shortness, the week after a bank holiday weekend seems to draaaaaaaag?! Hurry on up weekend, I am more than ready for you again!

I have a bit of a habit when it comes to make up. And that's when I discover a perfect make up combination that I adore...I proceed to wear the absolute bejesus out of, till the next combo love is discovered. Lately its been two products in particular that I've been loving to the max, The Body Shops Lip & Cheek Stain in Rose Pink & MUA Cosmetics Shimmer Kisses Blusher in Pink Shimmer Kisses...

I absolutely love cheek stains as like cream blushers they are easy quick to apply. Of course I'm sure you're all familiar with the well known & more pricey Benetint of which I was a muchos fan of...I speak in the past tense as, whilst I do adore Benefit make up, I think its been knocked off the top spot with this un!

The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain comes in a lip gloss style tube with a soft doe foot applicator. The consistency of the stain is lovely to work with, not too runny (which I did find a tad of the Benetint) or thick, blending it in with thy fingers is so easy, giving a gorgeous rosy flush to the cheeks. And at a nicer priced £10 to the Benetints £24.50...I know which one I prefer ;)

The MUA Shimmer Kisses Blusher was purely a make up fix purchase, what can I say...the urge arose...I had to feed it. I was feeling a new highlighter on the horizon & this little compact caught my eye. Its actually a blusher, however I'd class it more as a highlighter, especially on my skin tone. 

The Pink Shimmer Kisses shade is a lovely light blush shade that give a pretty delicate glow to the cheeks. At first my brush didn't seem to pick up much product, however after I scored the surface a few times, this solved that little problem. Seeing as I only paid £3 for it, that didn't bother me greatly. 

After blending in the Body Shop cheek stain, I brush on the Pink Shimmer Kisses focusing mostly on the cheekbones, as well as highlighting along the forehead, nose etc, voila! Rosy glowy cheeks!

Like I said, I've been wearing the caboose out of this combo & don't see myself getting sick of it any time soon! The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain retails for £10 & is available in stores & online. The MUA Pink Skimmer Kisses Blusher retails for just £3 & can be found in most Superdrugs as well as online!

Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Have you tried these? What are your favourite combos?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Psychedelic Florals with Models Own Polish For Tans!

Ello ello lovely readers! Aaah alas we come to the end of yet another lovely long weekend *sobs*& what a blissful one its been with the glorious weather! Hope you've all had a great one however you've spent it. Today's plans were cancelled last minute but having replaced them with back to back Disney movies, copious amounts of cake & tea on tap...I'm not complaining ;)

I've been absolutely itching to try out Models Own latest release, the eye dazzling Polish Tans Collection. Naturally I succumbed & bought them all on my last trip to Westfields Bottleshop where the highly skilled assistant hypnotized me in to getting them all...o_O I couldn't decide which pretty to try out first so decided to use the whole caboodle in today's mani...

What do you think? The Polish For Tans range is a collection of insanely vibrant pastel neon creams that are definitely a treat for the eyes & nails, designed to enhance & highlight golden skin, just perfect for the upcoming summer months don't you agree?

The polishes in the range include Shades (coral pink), Bikini (bright highlighter yellow), Beach Bag (peachy orange) Sun Hat (barbie bubblegum pink) & Flip Flop (bright highlighter green). I absolutely love all them, if I were to pick a favourite it'll probably be between Sun Hat & Flip Flop

For this psychedelic floral mani I started off with a base of W7 black before grabbing my dotting tool. Then using each polish in turn I simply dipped the dotting tool into the polish, then began adding flowers on to each nail by dotting on the petals in bunches of four.

To finish I just added another dot of gold in the centre of each flower using Models Own nail art pen in Gold before coating it all in a nice thick slick of topcoat to seal & shine! Simples!

I seriously cannot stop gazing at the vibrant shades *grabs sunnies* I think its safe to say I simply adore this collection, bravo Models Own! Also fret not folks, despite the name of this collection its not just suited to those with tans! I've seen swatches of these on paler skin tones, check out Makeup Savvys post, & I actually think they look more fantastic on paler tones as they appear all the more vibrant!

Thanks as always for reading dolls! Models Own polishes retail for £5 & can be found in Boots & online. What's your favourite shade?

Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Paris & Dotticure featuring Collection Cosmetics upcoming 'Mardi Gras' polishes!

Good morning lovelies & happy bank holiday weekend! I'm beginning to remember why this time of year is my favourite, not just with its delightful abundance of lovely long weekends, but the sun is starting to come out more & the world in general is starting to look just a wee bit more pretty...I'll stop now before I break in to song...

This week was delightfully shortened as my friend & I decided to pop to Paris for the day on the Eurostar. It still boggles my mind that one can travel to France & back all in a day! Of course the tube strikes didn't help but we managed to get there in one piece & spent a delightful day strolling up to Montmarte, exploring the streets & churches, having our portraits done by street artists & of course sampling the many delicious delights! All in all a truly ace day :)

With the Brazilian World Cup looming it seems that many of the up coming trends this summer will be revolving around much colour & carnival vibrancy! The make up brand Collection will most definitely be channeling these things with their upcoming Mardi Gras collection which consists of 3 fruity lip balms & 3 vibrant polishes....

I am always on the hunt for another lip balm to try, this gal can never have too many! These 3 offerings from Collection are non tinted & delicately scented in Strawberry, Orange & Green Apple flavours, very yummy. I've been using these regularly this past week as I've found them to be very hydrating & pretty darn delicious! The 3 polishes in the collection include a vibrant Canary Yellow, the bold White Out & the pretty Green With Envy, all 3 of which I've used in today's manicure...

I found myself in the mood for a random dotticure & these three polishes did nicely! I started off with a base of two coats of Green With Envy which is a lovely teal green crème with an ever so slight shimmer to it. I was impressed with the formula of these polishes, thick without being gloopy giving an almost opaque finish in one coat.

I then used my Models Own nail art pen in black to draw on some branches on to each nail. Then grabbing my double ended dotting tool & the Canary Yellow polish, added on some large yellow dots/blossoms along the branches.

Then using the smaller end of the dotting tool I used the White Out to add some smaller dots/blossoms on to my branches before finishing off with a topcoat to seal & shine!

Thanks for reading, hope you liked the dotticure my lovelies! The Mardi Gras collection will be available from Collection Cosmetics in Boots & Superdrugs from June 11th, both the balms & polishes retailing for an absolute bargainous £1.99 each!

Lotsa love to ya!

Disclaimer - product was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)