NOTD - New Years Glitter Gradient Nails!

Ello ello cherubs! Not long to go now till we find ourselves in 2015! Where has the time gone eh? This year has been pretty fab in many ways which I'm very thankful for & I'm excited to see what adventures 2015 will bring!

New years will be quiet this year, I'll be seeing in 2015 with my onesie, blankie, hot choc on tap, lots of nomnom foods...you get the picture ;) And darn if I ain't excited! I really haven't the desire at all to venture outdoors & freezing my wobblys off in this frost! But just because I shan't be out on the night doesn't mean I can't rock me some funky New Years nails!

You really can't beat a pretty glitter gradient in my book, a hint of sparkle on a vibrant colour....match in heaven! And a great way to get a glitter fix without going OTT. Here I've gone for two of my favourite polishes that I love to wear together, Models Own Raspberry Fool & Disco Heaven.

I started with my base, two coats of Raspberry Fool, this is such a lovely red shade with a hint of pink, whenever I wear this polish I'm always asked what it is, always sign of a good un!

Then I went in with one of my favourite gold glitters, Disco Heaven from Models Own Hed Kandi collection. Not just an ordinary gold glitter, there are also beautiful blue holo glitters thrown into the mix too.

For the gradient I dabbed Disco Heaven onto the tips,  the brush shouldn't be overloaded with glitter otherwise you'll get a lumpy surface & glitter explosion everywhere! Then wiping the brush on the bottle to get rid of excess glitter, swipe down the nail towards the middle from the tips in a kind of 'dragging' motion to create the gradient effect.

Topcoat to finish & you have your sparkly nails ready for a night on the town or an eve snuggled up in the blankies! I know how I'll be doing it ;) Thanks for reading lovelies & wishing you all a wonderful & happy new year! See you on the other side!

Lotsa love to ya! 


Quick and Easy DIY Homemade Hand Scrub!

Bonjour loves! So tell me, are you feeling the post Xmas Monday blues comme moi? Work was HARD, so used one had gotten to the constant eating, the occasional napping, before continuing with the eating...twas a hard routine to give up for surely. Thankful this week is a short one due to new years!

Now this time of year can have a harsh effect on our skin, especially our hands, making them cry out for a bit of extra attention. Hand cream is a Holy Grail product for me, I go through tubes of the stuff! I always carry it around with me, keep one by my beside & on my desk at work. I think I may do a post on a few of my favs if you'd like to see that? :)

Lately I've been taking the hand care one step further & introduced a spot of scrubbing into my routine to really make those paws super soft & I'm so glad as my hands are the happier for it! Which hand-scrub do I use? Why my very own! Yup I decided to go all DIY & rustle up my own scrub from scratch using bits & bobs lying around at home which I'll be sharing with you lovelies today as its so easy!

Like I said, you can probably find all the things you need to make your own scrub at home & the beauty of this recipe is that you can customise it anyway you want, using whatever oils you have!

First things first you need your container in which you'll be storing your scrub, preferably something airtight. I picked up this cute little jar from TK Maxx for a few squids but they can be found in many places including Robert Dyas, supermarkets etc.

You then need to decide what base you'd like your scrub to be....sugar...or salt. Or if you want a really nourishing scrub, do what I did & use a bit of both! The salt is a wee bit coarser than the sugar meaning you'll get full benefit of the scrub, but mixed in with the sugar makes it a little less harsh.

Next pick what oils you'll be using for your scrub. As I mentioned you can really use whatever oils you fancy, olive, grape-seed, almond, argan...they all work fantastic! Here I've used coconut oil which I always have as I use it on my hair &Vitamin E oil which I picked up at a blogger event. Both are nourishing & so good for your skin. You can even use Vitamin E capsules if you have those lying around, simply burst the oil out of the capsules! Finally for the scent of my scrub I opted for a Rose essential oil as I adore rose scented things. Its all about your preference!

Now making the scrub couldn't be simpler! I didn't even do any measurements, simply poured about 2 cups of sugar & half a cup of salt into my jar. I then mixed together a tablespoon of coconut oil & 3 heaped tablespoons of Vitamin E oil, whizzing them in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the coconut oil, before adding to the sugar/salt & mixing with the handle of a wooden spoon.

Finally I added a good few drops of the Rose oil, giving it another good mix & that...is...it! What did I tell you? Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Oooh actually lemon would also work fab in this! Think I'm going to try that next ;)

The scrub can be kept in a cool dry place, I keep mine in the bathroom cupboard under the sink so that I have it to hand easily when doing my evening skincare routine. Simply use a teaspoon amount, rub into the skin & rinse with warm water then pat dry with a towel. Hello baby soft skin! To really get full benefit of the scrub, moisturise with your fav hand cream straight after to close up those pores :)

Hope you liked the DIY recipe lovelies! Why buy when you can make your own eh? Plus its more fun having a play around with different scents/flavours :) Have you tried rustling up your own scrubs? What are your favorite recipes?

Thanks for reading! Lotsa love to ya!


NOTD - Models Own Ebony Green

Hello there lovely readers! So another festive season done & dusted, it always goes by far too quickly non? Hope you've all had a wonderful one however you've spent it.

You may recall Models Own did their 5 polishes for £20 offer recently which I couldn't not take advantage of! So one Westfields trip found me in the Bottleshop, chatting polish with the lovely assistant & leaving with some new pretties including a couple of the new Hyper Gel shades, which I couldn't wait to try! Here I have the divine beauty that is Ebony Green to share with you today...

Isn't it jut DREAMY? I absolutely adore gothic, dark & glossy shades so this one was a given for me when I first saw it. Ebony Green is a beautiful deep forest green & with its gel like formula, dries to a jelly like finish, so glossy & squishy, I love it so much!

Even though the gel like formula makes it slightly thicker to other polishes, two coats is still required for a nice opaque finish & application was lovely & smooth.

I didn't want to add any nail art to draw away from the gorgeousness of this polish but I still wanted to add a little something so reached for some of my nail art wheel instead. Using a pretty green stone in the middle of each nail before adding four gold studs then sealing it all with a slick of topcoat.

I loved the simplicity of the design, I need to dig out the rhinestones more often! I feel like it almost has a medieval vibe to it, an era I'm fascinated with (its guaranteed that I'll usually be reading a novel set in that period for sure!)

Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya! 


Xmas NOTD - Snowflakes!

Greetings sweetpeas & a happy Xmas Eve! Huzaaaah we made it! Can I get a high five & fist bump? Now one can officially get into the Xmas zone with four days of food, family time, films & more food. I'm already excited for all the food comas that will be happening...

Before signing off for the holiday I thought I'd sneak in one last Xmas manicure! I hope you liked the ones that have been rolled out this year including a FestiveDotticure, Christmas Wreaths, Santa Claus Nails, Christmas Trees & Peek-a-boo Polar Bears. For my last Xmas mani I decided to go for some Snowflakes :)

For my base I used this absolutely beautiful polish from Loreal Color Riche, Divine Indigo. This is the first polish I've tried from the range & I am in love! Not just with the gorgeous indigo purple satin shade, but the formula & brush are great quality too.

I then grabbed my nail art brush & some white polish to create the snowflakes. You can totally have fun with all the different & intricate designs possible for snowflakes! Here I went for a straight horizontal line, then drew a cross on the middle of the line, before adding on smaller lines coming out (I know...that made no sense)

I wanted to add a bit more detail to my snowflakes so I used Barry M textured polish in Lady & went over the white polish making them a bit more sparkly & 3D looking.

For a final touch I added on a small blue rhinestone in the center off each snowflake before going over with the obligatory topcoat :) Done!

Thanks as always for reading my lovelies! Wishing you all a wonderful Xmas!

Lotsa love to ya!


Xmas NOTD - Peek-a-Boo Polar Bears!

Hello there lovely readers & a happy Sunday to you. Hope you're all having a fab weekend, the last weekend till Xmas no less! Boy did that come around quickly eh? Still can't quite believe 2015 is just around the corner.

So seeing as we still have us a few days till the big Crimbo lets roll out another festive mani shall we? Today I have some cute Peek-a-boo Polar bears to share with you :)

Hehe something a bit different eh? I wanted to go for something with a sort of frosty vibe & what better than some cute polar bears!

To start off I applied two coats of an old favourite, Models Own Bloo Bloo, a lovely baby blue crème, so much love for this pretty pastel shade!

To create my cheeky polar bears I grabbed my nail art brush and some white polish to freehand the heads onto the tips of my nails, by basically drawing a rough circular shape, before using a dotting tool to add on the ears.

Then using a black nail art pen I added on a wee button nose & two eyes. You know me & my need/love for sparkle so for this mani I couldn't resist sprinkling on some pretty blue holographic hexagonal glitters before sealing with topcoat to finish! Though I do suggest waiting a few minutes unlike impatient moi who went straight in & resulted in dragging the black polish... :-/

Thanks as always for reading dolls! Keep sparkling!

Lotsa love to ya!


Xmas NOTD - Christmas Trees!

Ello ello loves and happy hump day! Things always seem a wee bit better once you've passed the midweek mark non? Work has been manic of late so very much looking forward to a weekend of festive fun with a visit to a Xmas market & catching up with friends before the holiday.

Today’s festive mani comes in the form of some Christmas Trees :) I did a Christmas tree manicure last year as well, using the cello tape technique to create the design however this time I decided to just freehand them :)

For my base I applied a neutral background with one coat of Barry M Vanilla from the matte collection. Then to create my trees I grabbed a fine nail art brush & a variety of different green polishes from my ever growing collection to get started on my trees ;)

The first green is this yummy green crème Wild Cactus from Color Club. Starting from the top of the nail I just drew an upside down V shape before creating strokes outwards for the pine branches down to the tips of the nail.

Next I used another lovely green from Color Club, sadly my bottle is nameless! *sad face* This one has a pretty glass fleck like finish & added a nice bit of definition to my trees.

Finally I felt another green was required so I used Ego Green by Fashionista which is actually a magnetic polish but I loved the shade so much & twas the perfect green to add a last bit of detail.

Every Christmas tree needs its decorations so I decided to go all out with the round rhinestones, not forgetting a wee star on the top to finish! Seal it all with a coat or two of topcoat & done!

Hope you liked! Thanks as always for reading lovelies!

Lotsa love to ya!


Xmas NOTD - Santa Claus!

Hello there lovely readers!

I hope you're all having a great Saturday. With Xmas literally just around the corner now I want to try & squeeze out as many festive manis as possible so here we go me dears, Xmas nails number three are dedicated to the dude himself...the big red...Mr St Nick Santa Claus :)

What do you think? I was out in Westfields yesterday & it seemed to go down quite well with a few shop assistants which was lovely! I did a similar manicure last year with just the jackets but I wanted to do it a wee bit differently this year so decided to plonk on his bushy bearded face & a bobbly hat too!

A beautiful & vibrant red was clearly needed for this mani & this time I opted for Risky Red by 17 which was just the right shade. I applied two coats to my thumb, pointer & ring fingers, then used some nail art pens in white, black & gold to create the jacket & buckle details.

For my Father Christmas face I applied some Risky Red just to the top half of the nail, then went in with some white polish & a dotting tool to create the hat bobbles & beard, before finishing off with two little black dots for eyes & a bright pink dot for his wee nose.

The Santas hat on the little finger couldn't be simpler, just draw on a triangle shape using a fine nail art brush & red polish, I went over the red with some pretty red glitter for a touch of sparkle. Then I just dotted on the hats bobbles using a small dotting tool & white polish.

Finish it all with one or two coats of glossy topcoat & that's it! Thanks as always for reading lovelies! Have a fab weekend & catch up soon! 

Lotsa love to ya!


Xmas NOTD - Christmas Wreaths

Hello lovely readers!

Coming at you with a festive mani today in the form of some Christmas Wreaths :) Incorporating all the reds, greens & golds definitely got me in the festive mood with these nails & I loved wearing them! This design was inspired by the fab Chalkboard Nails.